Your 2021 Currituck Bucket List

January 11, 2021

Reading the comments on our recent social media posts, we’re thrilled to see how many people have put visiting Corolla and the Currituck beaches on their travel bucket lists. It’s our hope that you fulfill your dream beach vacation this summer. Our spacious vacation rentals offer plenty of room for the whole family, plus gorgeous views of the Atlantic.

That view…

If you’ve spent a fair amount of time browsing our website for vacation ideas, you know about the Corolla Wild Horse tours, the historic Currituck Beach Lighthouse, and our pristine beaches. They are the biggest draws to our amazing slice of the Outer Banks, and are a given for any visitor’s Currituck bucket list. Here, we’d like to recommend a few specific items to add:

Hunt a Whalehead ghost. Is this historic mansion haunted? Stories of strange noises from the basement and cigar smoke near the portrait of Mr. Edward Collings Knight, Jr. persist. We are unable to personally confirm ghostly sightings in Historic Corolla, but maybe you will.

Catch a ghost crab. We’re willing to bet it’s easier to catch a “ghost” crab in Currituck. These tiny critters are quick on their feet and tend to come out at night, but you can join an organized hunt and watch as they take over the sand. If you’re looking for crabs to enjoy for dinner one night, we’re happy to share tips on where to catch tasty blue crabs on the Currituck Sound.

Fly over Currituck! Splurge on a tandem hang-gliding lesson at Kitty Hawk Kites and enjoy the best views of Corolla, the Atlantic Ocean and so much more …from 2,000 feet or a mile high in the sky!

Drink like a local. Two of our favorite places to imbibe – Sanctuary Vineyards and the Weeping Radish Farm Brewery (the state’s oldest microbrewery) – are within a mile of each other in Jarvisburg on the Currituck mainland and well worth the relatively short drive from the beach. Here you can toast your Currituck Outer Banks vacation and pick up a bottle or six-pack for your vacation home.

See the sun rise and set. We admit we are biased about our amazing waterfront views. Make the most of your stay here by getting up early for a morning stroll on the beach to see the sun rise over the Atlantic, then relax at Historic Corolla as it sets among the park’s breathtaking landscape. Your eyes will not be disappointed.

And this view…

What would you add to your Corolla vacation bucket list? If you need further inspiration, download our free visitor’s guide or follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Every day here offers a new adventure and new opportunities to relax, reconnect with loved ones, and create memories that will last a lifetime.