What Every Visitor Needs To Know Before The Storm

Historically, it was difficult to predict when a hurricane was expected to hit the Outer Banks. But with modern meteorological studies and weather tracking systems becoming increasingly sophisticated, we generally have quite a bit of advance notice for a bad storm. If you are visiting Currituck County during hurricane season (June 1st-November 30th), there is always a small chance that severe weather could coincide with your vacation plans, so be sure you know what to do and where to go to stay safe.

*Visitors are encouraged to closely monitor weather conditions and contact their accommodation provider before leaving home to travel to the Currituck Outer Banks.

Numbers to Know

To Receive Updates on Hazardous Beach Conditions (including Red Flags)

Corolla Beaches:

To: 888777

Other OBX Beaches:

To: 77295

Keep these phone numbers handy to call in the event of a coming tropical storm or hurricane.

  • Currituck Emergency Management – 252.232.2115
  • Currituck County Public Information – 252.232.0719

You will find phone numbers listed below for Currituck County’s emergency, medical, and information services. We hope you and your family have a wonderful stay in the Currituck Outer Banks. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Hurricane Watch

A hurricane or tropical storm WATCH indicates that storm conditions are possible in the specified area, usually within 48 hours. Gather information ahead of time: Check weather predictions for the Currituck Outer Banks. If a storm WATCH is issued before leaving your home, contact your vacation rental company to receive weather information and instructions.

During your vacation: If a storm WATCH is issued while you’re on vacation, monitor weather information for storm developments. Secure outside items at your rental home and prepare to evacuate. Fuel vehicles and have belongings packed and ready to go.

Protect your vacation investment: Contact your rental company for information on travel insurance.

Hurricane Warning

A hurricane or tropical storm WARNING indicates that storm conditions are expected in the specified area, usually within 36 hours.

Monitor the situation: Closely monitor the storm’s progress on local radio and television stations, and log on to CurrituckGovernment.com for public advisories.

What to do: Listen and watch for evacuation notices. Beware of flooding. It only takes one foot of water to sweep away a car. Vacationers in the four-wheel-drive areas north of Corolla should pay attention to tide warnings and storm surge. Rising waters may make the beach impassable, so be prepared to leave ahead of time.

Evacuation In North Carolina, local counties have the authority to determine when an evacuation is necessary. If an evacuation is ordered, ALL vacationers must leave the Currituck Outer Banks.

The only route off the northern beaches is South NC 12. During peak tourist season, more than 100,000 people may be evacuating on this two-lane road. Follow orderly traffic procedures and heed any directions from emergency officials.

During an evacuation: Be prepared to drive a considerable distance away from the storm area. There are no storm shelters on the Currituck Outer Banks.

Visitors should take all belongings and pets with them when evacuating. You will not be guaranteed re-entry into the Currituck Outer Banks following the storm.


For complete Currituck County re-entry information, click here.

Re-entry into the Currituck Outer Banks is granted by County officials, who decide when the area is safe. Visitors wishing to return to their rental homes must provide a rental agreement or other relevant documentation at the time of re-entry.

1. Priority One – Essential Personnel
    • County Public Safety Agencies
    • Utilities/Infrastructure teams
    • County/State Damage Assessment Teams
    • Power/Energy Companies
    • Disaster Relief Agencies
    • Designated Hotel Employees

2. Priority Two – Residents, Property Owners & Critical Businesses 

    • Pharmacy
    • Food Service
    • Grocery Stores
    • Financial/Banks
    • Gas Stations
    • Insurance
    • Property Management
    • Debris Removal
    • Supply Chain & Building Suppliers Distributors
    • Contractors
    • Trades (electrical, plumbing, etc.)

3. Priority Three – Visitors and the general public

We value your safety during your stay in Currituck. Please pay close attention to any warnings that are issued by authorities and emergency personnel, and follow the safety guidelines and recommendations associated with activities.

In the event of a hurricane or tropical storm, we will post updates from Currituck County officials and The National Weather Service on our website. Please take a few minutes and read over our hurricane information and our beach safety tips.