Top Five Reasons to Spend Christmas at the Beach

October 17, 2022

The number one selling song of all time is Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” – and for good reason. Just hearing this legendary crooner’s voice makes us reminisce about Christmases gone by – the smell of pine from a freshly cut tree, priceless memories of family and friends laughing and enjoying each other’s company or a fresh blanket of powdery snow covering the ground on Christmas morning.

But what if you could exchange the snow for sand this year and spend Christmas at the beach? It does have its advantages.

Kids can still play in the “white stuff.”

Who doesn’t like to make a snow angel or build a snowman for Christmas? And who can forget those epic snowball fights against your cousins. Well, kids who are young (or young at heart) can just as easily play in the beachy “white stuff” – sand – and have just as much fun! And the great thing about playing in the sand during the holidays is that it won’t get in your boots and freeze your tootsies off. Not to mention there is no shoveling required. Sand between your toes? Just a quick dust off will do. And if you do get cold, just relax in the hot tub. Woohoo!

Santa does deliver to the beach.

We know that jolly old St. Nick knows everything about you already – whether you’re sleeping or awake – whether you’ve been bad or good. He also knows exactly where you are on Christmas, so why not be at a beautiful beach home with family and friends? And luckily for those enjoying a beach Christmas, Santa loves delivering to the beach – actually, he prefers it! It makes sense if you think about it – he gets a break from the cold weather and the reindeer get to play some “reindeer games” in the surf instead of struggling with the snow.

Start a new holiday tradition.

During the summer, most kids are used to swimming and sunning at a local pool or swimming hole, so summer beach vacations can get to feeling a bit ordinary. But there’s something special about leaving a foot of snow behind and trading that for miles of secluded beaches during the winter months. It’s different and memorable. And the best family traditions always begin with a memorable and fun event, so heading to the beach for Christmas certainly fits the bill.

Leave the crowds behind.

Many of us fight crowds and clutter the entire holiday season. We fight hordes of fellow shoppers at the stores, we fight traffic to and from Uncle Bob’s house, and sometimes our own homes are so crowded that we have to ask, “Who are those people and tell me how we’re related again?” Spending Christmas at the beach gives you the opportunity to get away with family but without all the craziness that typically comes with the holiday season. And since holiday beach vacations are in the off-season, you’ll feel like you have the entire beach to yourself – less crowds, no distractions, less stress – everything one hopes for in the holiday season.

Enjoy a true Southern Christmas experience.

Something magical happens when you combine Southern hospitality with the holiday season. Conversation flows cheerfully, freshly-baked pies and desserts taste that much richer, and the warm, sweet welcoming spirit we enjoy during Christmas is evident to all who visit the quaint town of Corolla, North Carolina and surrounding areas in Currituck County. There are many great events to be enjoyed during your winter beach vacation, such as the ever-popular Christmas in Corolla festivities held at Whalehead in Historic Corolla Park (Candlelight Christmas Tours and the annual Christmas Craft Village), as well as the festive lights and holiday sights in Historic Corolla Village.

Ready to plan your Christmas beach getaway? Start by requesting our free visitor’s guide or browsing Outer Banks rentals and lodging businesses.

Wishing you and yours “sea-sands” greetings and a very beachy New Year!