Take a Break This Spring

January 17, 2020

Spring Break the Currituck way! Download a visitors guide and start planning.

Many beach towns claim to hold the title of “Spring Break Capital” of the United States. For college-friendly beach destinations, Spring Break typically involves long days on the beach, late nights at the club, and loud music around the clock. It’s funny how two words that allude to renewal and relaxation when used separately come together to form an entirely different meaning. Those of us in Corolla and the Currituck beaches are all about Spring Break, too, but not the kind you’d expect.

If you are fortunate to have several days off coming in springtime, after a lengthy post-holiday catchup period at work and just before the kids are out of school, take advantage of your free time and come visit! Corolla is the perfect place to spend a grown-up Spring Break. A number of seasonal restaurants and shops will open for business, and the horses come out to play and swim. Of course, there’s more to a stay on the shores of Currituck in April and May:

What’s That Sound? You’re more likely to hear the gentle crash of waves than a rowdy game of beach volleyball when you come during Spring. We put emphasis on the “break” here, as in take a break, break away, you deserve a break. When you want to relax you want peace and quiet…and Corolla has it.

The Wild Mustangs love our beaches in Spring, and so will you.

Save Some Money. Booking a stay during the not-quite peak summer season means you may find a nice beach home rental for lower the typical rate. Gather some friends or family together who have the same week free, and you have the makings of an unforgettable Spring fling.

Light Jackets Only…Maybe. We had a nice winter, and that bodes well for the following season. Spring in Corolla and Carova usually see average temperatures in the 50s and 60s, so you can still enjoy the beach in your bare feet. It’s also a great time to visit other outdoor areas of interest in the county, like Currituck Heritage Park.

Download our latest visitor’s guide to the Currituck beaches, and search our directory of area vacation rental companies for availability. Break from the ordinary Spring vacation and rejuvenate here.