The Horses

Wild Horses Button - Image of Horse

Get to know Currituck from the Locals’ perspective.

Meet the wild horses who have roamed our beaches for hundreds of years. The last of their kind, these Spanish mustangs are a truly magnificent sight to behold. Take a trip down our 4×4 beaches, where they are known to frolic, or sign up for one of our guided horse tours. Swing by the Corolla Wild Horse Museum for a fascinating glimpse into the past of these mysterious and elusive creatures.

They are wild animals and exist in small numbers, so it is very important to keep a safe distance when you encounter them. Under no circumstances should you approach, touch, feed or in any way contact the wild horses. If you spot a wild horse that is injured or in distress, please call the Corolla Wild Horse Fund immediately at 252.453.8002.

You can adopt a wild horse with the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, and know that you’re helping to protect and conserve the last remaining herd of Wild Spanish Mustangs.

Come as a stranger, leave as a local.