Have a Doggone Great Time in Corolla

April 15, 2021

The best thing about a Corolla beach vacation is that everybody has fun, even the dog! Warm temperatures and pleasant breezes, miles of soft sand, and the gentle waves of the ocean draw visitors to our corner of the Northern Outer Banks every year, and we are proud to be a pet-friendly destination. 

Dogs are natural beach lovers and oftentimes they remind us to relax and enjoy the present moment, just like a picturesque sunrise or sunset. As you prepare for your stay here, and include your dogs in your plans, it’s important to not only do your research but to plan accordingly so you can take full advantage of all the relaxing opportunities that await your beach vacation. 

Before You Book
Prior to booking, check with your beach home rental agency to see which available accommodations will allow pets; you may need to pay a pet deposit. In addition to our rental homes, the Inn at Corolla Light offers eight dog-friendly rooms and Corolla Village Inn offers two rooms that will satisfy your furry sidekick.

Get your dog a checkup before your visit, so they can enjoy everything Corolla has to offer.

Wait … Don’t Forget
When you pack, don’t forget a suitcase for your pets. Bring along the essentials — leash, dog bowls, pet food, and first aid supplies — and their favorite beach toys to keep them entertained. 

Leashes and dog bowls are especially the most important items to bring with your dogs. It’s the law in Currituck County that all dogs stay leashed in public places like the beach, Historic Corolla, and elsewhere. This is not only for your pets’ safety, but for that of the Wild Spanish Mustangs that roam our shores. While our guests know to stay further than fifty feet away from the horses, a loose dog can risk injury to these majestic animals.

Drinking bowls are essential wherever you go with your pets as well. Beach breezes make for pleasant weather, but in summer it can get hot! Your dog needs to stay hydrated throughout the day, and ocean water is not good for pets to drink. Always have fresh water on hand to quench their thirst.

Keep your dogs leashed, for their safety and for the safety of our horses!

Beat the Heat
As the temperatures begin to rise as we get closer to summer, make sure you enjoy the beach in the morning and evening when it’s cooler and easier on your dog. Darker-coated dogs are especially sensitive to the heat. Avoid shaving your dog before a trip to the beach. Just like humans, dogs can get sunburned. Ask your vet for advice on sunscreen products that are safe for dogs. You can also bring an umbrella or a sun shade that’s big enough to cover you and your pooch while listening to the calming crash of ocean waves. 

And don’t forget about the dangers of extremely hot sand during those peak summer months in which a dog’s paw pads could easily burn. If you can’t walk barefoot on the sand without hopping uncontrollably to find that nearest shady spot, the same probably holds true for your furry friend.

Be mindful of pet paws on the beach so they don’t burn!

The Best Medicine
Your pets’ rabies tags must be current and attached to their collars at all times during your visit. Because you will likely spend most of your time here outdoors, you should also begin your pets on preventative flea and tick medication a few weeks before you leave.

While You’re Here
When you’re not playing in the sand with your favorite pooch, other spots around Corolla and Currituck are equally welcoming to dogs. Enjoy the trail walks through Historic Corolla, and afterward take your pet out for a treat at Mama Easley’sThe Beer Garden, and other area eateries where dogs can join the family in the outside seating areas.

Why worry about boarding reservations or finding a sitter for your four-legged friends when they can come along and create wonderful memories with you? Download our visitors guide today for more information as you plan your next adventure in Corolla and Currituck County. Be sure to stop by our Welcome Center in Moyock or Visitor Center in Corolla, too, and pick up a special doggie treat.

To ensure that your dog stays safe and enjoys their beach vacation as much as you do, our friends at Moyock Animal Hospital and Eastern Shore Animal Hospital offer some additional tips that will help you plan and prepare.