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You can do as much as you'd like or as little as possible in the Currituck Outer Banks, NC.  Whether you're staying in Corolla on the beach or looking for mainland and Knotts Island things to do, find everything you're looking for here.


Do as much or as little as you'd like while visiting the Currituck Outer Banks. There are activities galore including many that are free to the public. Do a historic tour of Historic Corolla Village, climb to the top of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse, take a Corolla wild horse tour on the four-wheel drive beach, or immerse yourself in the history of the area at the Wildlife Education Center. Read more >>


The northern Outer Banks beaches of Currituck County include several distinct beach and vacation rental communities, each with something special to offer visitors. Learn more about the beach communities in and around Corolla, including Carova beach, Corolla 4x4 beach, Pine Island, Whalehead Beach, Swan Beach and many more. Read more >>


Secluded on the barrier islands of the Outer Banks about a mile north of the historic village of Corolla in northeastern North Carolina, the Currituck Banks National Estuarine Reserve provides an exceptional illustration of a low-salinity estuarine system. The reserve consists of 965 acres of wildlife producing a variety of species. There are a multitude of fish species indigenous to the areas sounds and beaches as well as many bird species. Read more >>

Beauty and Spa

You're on vacation, take a day to pamper yourself with a massage, a manicure, pedicure or facial. Treat yourself to a makeover, a new hair style or just spruce up for a great beach family photo, special occasion, engagement photo or wedding! The spas and salons from the Currituck to Corolla are professional and ready to cater to your every need and whim. Read more >>

County Parks

Looking for a place to relax and have a little fun.... share a picnic, throw a baseball, sit and read a book, or launch a kayak? Currituck County has some of the most beautiful, well maintained parks on the Outer Banks. Some of them have skate parks, baseball fields, tennis courts, shelters and electricity and can be rented and reserved for family get-togethers. Read more >>


Crabbing in the Currituck Sound is a fun and easy activity that people of all ages can enjoy. To go crabbing, you will need a net, string, and some bait (chicken necks and fish heads work well). All of these items can be purchased inexpensively at a local Outer Banks bait and tackle shop or convenience store. Read more >>


There is always something fun and exciting to do on the Currituck Outer Banks! There are many popular annual events throughout the year like the renowned 4th of July Festival and the Wine and Swine that takes place in September. There are also a host of events on a weekly basis. Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of some great events during your vacation this year. Read more >>


Currituck County is known as a Sportsman's Paradise. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Currituck Sound, Currituck and Corolla are home to some world-class fishing. Whether you want to try your hand at surf fishing, crabbing, or you're looking to charter a boat, these shops have what you need. You'll find bait and tackle, rods and reels for rent, and boat charters of all sizes for fishing in the sound or in the ocean. Read more >>


Currituck's Outer Banks has seven of the most beautiful and challenging courses on the east coast. The courses offer lush fairways, unique landscapes and an array of terrain for the enjoyment of golfers of all skill levels. Courses offer knowledgeable golf pros, professional instruction, putting greens, driving ranges, pro shops and even outstanding grills. Read more >>

Historical Activities

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich history and heritage of the Currituck Outer Banks. Journey through the Historic Corolla Village where historic homes have been beautifully restored and repurposed into delightful shops. Visit the Wild Horse Museum to learn the origins of the Spanish Mustangs that roam the 4-wheel drive beaches. Tour the grounds of the majestic Currituck Beach Lighthouse and Keepers house.  Read more >>


Take an afternoon to explore all of the unique shops in the Currituck Outer Banks. Most of our businesses are small, locally-owned and operated shops and galleries where you can take home a one-of-a-kind souvenir. Check out the shops on the mainland, TimBuck II, Corolla Light Town Center and the Historic Corolla Village, where the shops are housed in renovated historical homes. Read more >>

Kids Zone

The Currituck Outer Banks is the ideal vacation destination to make lasting memories with your children. With outdoor fun such as paddle boats, go-karts, skate parks, and mini-golf, there's always something to do to keep the kiddos busy. Read more >>

Knotts Island

Knott's Island is a little known treasure for visitors to the Currituck Outer Banks. To access the island, take a 45 minute ferry ride from the dock near the Historic Currituck Courthouse across the Currituck Sound. Among the must explore attractions on Knotts Island are the Mackey Island Wildlife Refuge and Martin's Vineyards. Read more >>


If you're interested in recreation, competition, or just some family fun, you won't have to go far to access either indoor or outdoor tennis courts. Visitors often have access to free courts in their neighborhoods or you can go to one of the indoor clay courts available for rent by the day or hour. While on vacation, take the time to benefit from a private lesson or attend a clinic to improve your game. Read more >>

Wine and Vineyards

If you're interested in recreation, competition, or just some family fun, you won't have to go far to access either indoor or outdoor tennis courts. Visitors often have access to free courts in their neighborhoods or you can go to one of the indoor clay courts available for rent by the day or hour. While on vacation, take the time to benefit from a private lesson or attend a clinic to improve your game. Read more >>

Water Sports

Water, water everywhere! The Currituck Outer Banks spans from the ocean to the sound and is the perfect vacation spot for the adventurer at heart. Swimming, surfing, kayaking, jet skiing, and parasailing can all be done while on vacation on the Currituck Outer Banks. Explore the unique, natural shores of the Currituck Sound via a kayak or Jet Ski. Read more >>

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