Parking Permits are Now Available for Summer 2024

April 22, 2024

Another beautiful summer is just on the horizon and the countdown is on for your arrival to the beautiful shores of Corolla and Carova. Whether this is your first visit or your fifteenth, we look forward to welcoming you and your crew to the picturesque Currituck beaches.

If you are still on the hunt for the perfect retreat for you and your family, there are many options to consider that still have select availability.

As you consider some of the activities you may wish to partake in during your stay, like a wild horse tour, any of our signature summer events, or purchasing a permit to park on the beach in Carova, you want to plan ahead.

Permits are required for vehicles who wish to park on the 4×4 beaches through the first Saturday in October. If you have rented a home in Carova, the rental company or property owner will be able to provide your passes. If you are staying in Corolla but not staying in the 4×4 area and wish to park on the beach during your stay, a permit is required and can be purchased through the website. Vehicles who are parked on the beach without a permit are subject to fines. Permits are sold on a first come, first served basis and are valid for the week. Jeep driving up beach in Carova

Driving on the beach is much different than driving on asphalt. Please consider our Beach Driving Tips before pulling onto the beach.

When visitors come to park on the beach and enjoy a day of fun in the sun, plan ahead to ensure that you have brought all items that you may need for the day, including sunscreen, lots of water, bags to collect trash from throughout the day, and keep an eye out for our majestic wild horses as they may come down to cool off in the surf.

Prior to your departure on the beach, be sure to fill in all holes, level your sandcastles, collect all trash and personal items and leave the beach as you found it. As the parking area becomes lanes for vehicular traffic in the evenings and early mornings, it is important to ensure nothing is left and holes are filled in to allow for safe travel.

We eagerly anticipate your arrival and hope that you enjoy your time on the relaxing Carova beaches.