Outer Banks Wild Horses & Nature

Family on beach with wild horse in distanceDescended from the Spanish Mustangs brought to the Outer Banks by early explorers, the Corolla Wild Horses have roamed across the Currituck Outer Banks for approximately 400 years. These horses are such a significant cultural and historic resource to our area that the Spanish Mustang was designated as the official state horse of North Carolina in 2010.

Corolla wild horses roam freely in Corolla and are most commonly found in the four-wheel-drive areas of the beach. It is illegal to intentionally come within 50 feet of the horses, so that means no petting or feeding, but they can be appreciated from a distance on one of our wild horse tours. We have several tour companies that can get you within picture-taking distance while also giving you a great history lesson about the horses and the area itself.

The Corolla horses aren’t the only wild creatures you’ll experience while visiting our shores. Go birding on the Charles Kuralt Trail on Knotts Island, hire a charter for a day of fishing, or visit the Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary and get close to 200 types of animals native to the region.

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