Three Day Stay

Make the Most of Your Time

Plan a midweek adventure or an impromptu long weekend away to the Currituck Outer Banks and make the most of your 2 night, 3 day stay beside our shores.  Experience the best of our beaches, mainland, natural landscapes and fresh, local fare with a visit curated just for you.

Check in for a quaint stay at one of our local B&Bs, area hotels, convenient campgrounds or beach house rentals. Keep in mind vacation rentals are subject to availability during the summer season. Check with your rental agency ahead of time to confirm.

Visits to our shores wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the best of our beaches and mainland. Include a late afternoon visit to the Currituck Lighthouse for island views you won’t want to miss. Sign up for a guided horse tour and experience the legendary Corolla Wild Horses, then wander our wide, untouched beaches for a final, stunning sunset set against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean.

We’re famous for food that inspires and delights. Stop in at one of our local farm markets on your way into town and make sure to schedule a reservation at one of our famous seafood restaurants. Carolina BBQ is an experience unto itself, and we encourage you to dig in.

See below for some of our suggested places to stay and things to do in the Currituck Outer Banks!


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