MORE Card Details

What is the Currituck MORE CARD?

The Currituck MORE CARD is a wallet-size card OR on our CurrituckOBX App that can be redeemed at participating businesses located throughout Currituck County. It provides discounts and specials at tourism-related businesses (e.g.: restaurants, retail stores, accommodations, attractions, gift shops.) The cards are free and available at Currituck County’s Welcome Center in Moyock and Visitor’s Center in Corolla. The Currituck MORE CARD program is organized through the Currituck County Department of Travel & Tourism.

Where is the MORE CARD accepted?

The Currituck MORE CARD is accepted at participating businesses. A complete list of the businesses can be obtained at the Welcome Center and Visitor’s Center. The program is free to qualifying businesses; however, there are minimum participation requirements. (See Business Participation Agreement)

What types of businesses are allowed to offer discounts/specials through the program?

Only tourism-related businesses such as accommodations, restaurants, retail shops, and attractions physically located in Currituck County may participate. (Businesses that have multiple locations may only list the stores that are located in Currituck County.) To find out if your business can participate, call the Tourism Department at 252-435-2938.

What kind of discounts and specials are offered through the MORE CARD program?

Some stores might offer a 10% discount or a buy-one-item, get-one-free special, while a restaurant might give a complimentary dessert or appetizer.

Can I set limitations of the card’s use at my business?

Yes. You determine any exclusions or limitations and simply state these on the Participation Agreement form.

Is there a minimum discount that will qualify my business for the program?

Yes. Businesses must provide a minimum 10% discount, or the item given must be valued at no less than $3.00.

How do I sign up to be a participating business?

Simply complete the Business Participation Agreement. Be sure to include any exclusions and/or limitations regarding the discount/special you are offering.

How long is my business committed to the discount offering?

Businesses are committed to the advertised discount for a period of one year. Cards are issued January 1st of each year; they expire on December 31st of that same year.

How will the Currituck MORE CARD be promoted to visitors?

Cards will be distributed to visitors (free of charge) at Currituck County’s two visitor information centers. (Over 80,000 people stop by these centers annually.)

The purpose of this new program is to encourage visitors to shop in our stores, eat in our restaurants, see our attractions, etc. This is one way the County is trying to help its businesses be more successful.

How can I learn more about the Currituck MORE CARD program?

For more information:

Currituck County Department of Travel & Tourism

(phone) 252-435-2947 | (fax) 252-435-2996

[email protected]

Download the Business Participation Agreement.