The Ferryman

Ferryman Button - Image of Ferry

Get to know Currituck from the Locals’ perspective.

If you’ve visited Knott’s Island in the past 35 years, chances are good that you’ve met Eddie Morgan, the Ferryman. He started working on the ferry when he was eighteen, and he’s still there, riding across the water each day. He’s seen changes in the tides, the wild and the people of Currituck, but the constant in his life has always been the ferry.

Come take a ride with us, enjoy the breeze and a few minutes of friendly conversation. You never know what you’ll learn when chatting with the locals, and a true Currituck native is bound to have stories to tell.

“It can get rough out here, it can get choppy, but it’s a good route. Today’s a beautiful day.”

Come as a stranger, leave as a local.