When You’re Ready, We’re Here

June 29, 2020

If you have questions about coming to the Currituck beaches this year or next, please contact us.

COVID changed plans for everybody. Whether you intended to take a vacation this year or prepared to accommodate out-of-town visitors at your business, you felt the impact. 

Here in Corolla and Currituck County, we continue to monitor health conditions in the area and work to create a safe environment. In time, families and friends will enjoy our beaches again and we look forward to seeing return visitors and meeting newcomers.

When you are ready to come, we will be here. Should you decide to book a vacation home in the second half of 2020, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Stay Informed


The North Carolina COVID-19 Information Hub and the Currituck County government website provide current news on area re-opening procedures and other information pertinent to your visit. Phase 2 operations are currently in effect. If you plan to visit us in July or later, check these sites regularly for new developments.

While many attractions and restaurants in the Corolla area have opened, they may be doing so under various policies. Visitors may see adjusted hours and/or limited seating at some eateries, while others continue curbside and takeout-only services. As restrictions lift with improved conditions, things may be different by late summer. Before your arrival, consult websites and social media for local businesses for a clearer picture of where to eat and how to book a wild horse experience. You can also follow the Currituck Events Facebook page for updates on county-wide events.

Come Prepared

Social distancing and masks are strongly recommended in public spaces. Businesses in Currituck County may also require customers to wear a mask when entering their buildings as well. When visitors come to our beaches for an extended stay, sunscreen is a must, but be sure everybody packs a mask for this summer’s trip, too.

In your vacation rental, your family can enjoy the beaches at a respectable social distance. If you happen to spot any of our Wild Mustangs along the shore, remember that the laws protecting our horses still apply: stay at least 50 feet away from them and do not leave out food they might take.

To help limit trips to stores while you’re here, bring along essentials like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, wipes, and non-perishable groceries and snacks.

Be Patient


This is new territory for all of us. Year-round residents and store owners have experience with getting back to business after a tropical storm or hurricane, but COVID has presented new challenges. Nonetheless, it’s our intention to provide a safe, beautiful environment for vacationers to enjoy.

For information on beach rentals and other accommodations, visit our directory of places to stay in Currituck.