Meet The Foals

May 26, 2020

Life goes on… This is especially true in the remote areas of our county. During the lockdown period, it was business as usual for the wild Mustangs. If they are aware of fewer people on the beaches watching them feed and play in the surf, we cannot say. We do know, however, their numbers have grown.

The birth of a foal among the Mustang herd always brings cause for celebration. This year so far, we’ve been blessed with four new additions. The Corolla Wild Horse Fund, which works to protect the herd and preserve the land they call home, discovered the first foal of 2020 in early April and continues to monitor the herd for new arrivals. The organization also collects DNA information from the horses to track lineages within the herd for targeted breeding. 

Meet The Mustangs

Arturo, the first foal of 2020 (photo: Corolla Wild Horse Fund Facebook)

Arturo: Corolla Wild Horse Fund reported the birth of Arturo Ananias Dare on April 4th. According to their Facebook post, Arturo was born in the wild to North Star. His “grandparents,” Virginia Dare and Lucky Duck, live on the rescue farm managed by the fund. This beautiful colt is easily recognized in the herd not only by his size but by the large white marking on his forehead.

Alma: The first filly of 2020 arrived about a week later. Alma, CWHF reports, was born to a first-time dam, Orlanda. She has a beautiful dark coat similar to her sire, Rambler.

Amelia: The third foal, second filly, of this new generation came into the world on April 24. Amelia bears a tiny white marking on her forehead, and her color is very similar to her dam’s. 

Sebastian: The most recent of this year’s babies was born May 18 to Ravann.

How many more newborns can we expect this spring? Each new birth signals hope for the continued legacy of our beautiful Mustangs. Whatever the final count comes to for 2020, we look forward to watching these foals grow and frolic along the Currituck shore. 

Stay updated on our horses and events in Currituck County through our official Facebook page. Visit the Corolla Wild Horse Fund online for more information on their work and to support their mission of preserving the herd.