What We Miss About You

April 23, 2020

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had the pleasure of reading comments on our social profiles that express how much you miss walking our beaches and watching the wild horses. The wonderful memories you have shared remain a source of pride for those of us who live and work in Corolla and Currituck County. They remind us there’s so much one can miss about a relaxing beach vacation (here’s how you can visit Currituck virtually).

They also remind us that there’s so much we miss about you.

Every First Time

We miss those gasps of excitement the first time a visitor spies a wild Mustang splashing in the surf. We miss the delight of families from other places experiencing a day at the beach together. We miss the laughter and curiosity of young children collecting shells or spotting a ghost crab scurrying for cover beneath the sand.

We look forward to seeing families enjoying our beaches again.

Every I Do

We miss the flurry of activity as caterers prepare a beautiful outdoor reception. We miss that moment of joy when a couple exchanges vows in the foreground of the Corolla shore or historic Whalehead. We miss the collective feeling of love and happiness when two extended families come together to celebrate a dream wedding every guest will remember.

We look forward to gatherings at Whalehead: the festivals and weddings!

Every Smile and Song

We miss the awe in the eyes of visitors as they admire the lavish, century-old decor and art of the Whalehead. We miss the gatherings on the spacious lawns at Historic Corolla Park – cheering on the cornhole tournaments, dancing to live music, and savoring local wine and beer. We miss watching you take selfies, and waving down at us from the top of the lighthouse.

With every memory we cherish of new and repeat visitors to our shore, there’s the hope we will see you soon. We can’t wait to share another summer on our beaches.