The Currituck Maritime Museum is Now Open!

July 16, 2021

Many years in the making — arguably a few hundred when you consider the archives and artifacts within its walls — the Currituck Maritime Museum is finally open to the public! This 10,000-square-foot, self-interpretive and family-friendly exhibit experience is the latest addition to Historic Corolla’s attractions. When you’re ready to take a day off from the beach, come inside and explore Corolla and Currituck County’s fascinating nautical history and lore.

Admission to the museum is free for all ages. The museum is located across from the Currituck Beach Lighthouse, another important landmark in our county’s maritime history, and near the restored 1920s mansion, Whalehead, and the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education. The addition of Currituck Maritime Museum to Corolla’s historic district adds to the area’s rich legacy.

Whether this is your first time at our beaches or you are an annual visitor, we hope you will add our new museum to your vacation itinerary. Current exhibits feature the rustic heritage of local seafarers and businesses dependent on our waterways and trade routes:

Restored Historical Boats – What goes into constructing the right kind of boat for leisure or industrial use? You’ll discover the history of boat building in the Outer Banks and see restored boats known and loved by locals.

Photo: Molly Garavito

Currituck’s Fishing Industry – The Currituck Sound is a haven for fishing enthusiasts, and watermen have sailed along our shores for years to support their livelihoods. Learn more about how recreational and commercial fishing has shaped our community.

Lifesaving Stations – Learn about these stations in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and discover stories of captivating rescues from shipwrecks and other natural disasters along our shoreline.

Lighthouses – Currituck Beach Lighthouse is but one such landmark lighting the way for seafaring crews  up the Atlantic Coast. Learn the role our lighthouse station has played in our area’s maritime history.

Photo: Molly Garavito

Decoy Carving – Currituck County is a hunter’s paradise. Duck hunting is especially popular, and you’ll learn what goes into the design of wooden decoys used to lure prey.

Interactive Stations – In addition to the stunning photography and breathtaking videography that brings the museum’s interior to life, experience several technology-driven learning stations, a hands-on knot-tying activity, a boat-building exhibit, and much more. 

The Currituck Maritime Museum is currently open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. We invite you to learn more about our newest attraction on and to follow the museum on Facebook for updates on museum events and new exhibits.