6 Things To Do When Planning Your Corolla Vacation

January 12, 2023

Check your yearly planners and alert your travel partners, because National Plan For Vacation Day is January 31st. Held annually on the last Tuesday of January, National Plan For Vacation Day encourages everyone to take advantage of breaks and vacation days given to them and to determine where to go. Now more than ever, it’s important to make use of the time allotted for rest and relaxation. 

According to the US Travel Association, more than half of working Americans do not use all of their personal time off. Why leave vacation days on the table when you can spend them on the beautiful shores of Corolla, North Carolina with the people you love? With National Plan For Vacation Day, you can settle your plans for spring or summer now and look forward to time away, reconnecting with family and friends or exploring the coast on your own. 

We hope, of course, you will plan to visit our beaches in 2023. Don’t wait any longer to book that dream vacation in the Corolla Outer Banks. Start the process now. To make your process easy, here are a few tips to make the most of preparing for your stay.

Figure Out Who Is Coming

Many of us spent the last few years cooped up at home. Make this year to gather your extended family or ride-or-die friends for a cheerful reunion. Spend a day together at the beach, cook out on the balcony of a luxury beach rental, and share a bottle of wine as you watch the sunset. 

Send out that group DM, and plant the seed. Figure out how many people can commit to the trip to give you an idea of cost.

Agree On A Date Range

With so many people coming from all over to meet, you have to find the time frame that works for everybody. Factor in school schedules and other commitments as you hash it out with your group. Summer is a popular time to visit Corolla and Currituck Outer Banks, but don’t discount the less busy spring and fall breaks. 

Once everybody agrees on the days to take off, then the fun begins!

Research Available Vacation Rentals

You have a head count, and you have a date range. Next up is finding a beach vacation home that will accommodate all guests. Prioritize the amenities you want. Do you want an oceanfront or sound view? Do you want a hot tub or a game room, or both? Property agents in the Corolla area make it easy for you to search what you’re looking for in the ideal vacation home, everything from location to rooms to special features.

Secure Your Reservation

Once all the pieces come together, book it! Especially if you plan to visit in summer, you want to reserve your place early so you don’t miss out on the house you want to rent.

See Which Events Are Happening

Head count, check. Dates, check. Accommodations, check. Now… what are you doing when you get here?

Luckily, we have a downloadable visitors guide for you to peruse, as well as a free mobile app to keep you informed of seasonal events happening in Corolla while you’re here. A number of attractions in Historic Corolla, like Whalehead and the Currituck Beach Lighthouse, are open through the summer for you to enjoy. Of course you want to book a Wild Horse sightseeing tour. 

On the mainland, Currituck County is home to a growing wine and spirits trail and has three sites on the African American Experience of Northeast North Carolina historic trail. Definitely stop by any of the roadside markets for baked treats to share with your guests.

Get Excited!

You’re going on vacation! You’re getting together with your best people! You’re going to relax on the beach and not think about work for a change. We can’t wait to see you, too.