What’s in Your Beach Bag?

July 17, 2023

Every morning in the summer, people of all ages stream to the Corolla and Currituck beaches. Large, colorful tote bags swing on the arms of our many visitors, filled with all the goods for a fun day in the sand. Some may carry only the basics, while others pack as though they’re never returning! Whatever you bring to the beach, hopefully it adds to your experience here, and if you’ve forgotten something one of our many shops in Corolla is sure to have it.

What’s in your beach bag? It’s okay if you’re not certain what to pack. We are happy to suggest the perfect combination of necessities and novelties.

Pack for Fashion

Enjoy the scenery without the glare. Have a pair of sunglasses and a beach hat handy when the sun hits its peak. A good pair of flip-flops or beach thongs will protect your feet from the hot sand as well, and you might want to throw an extra t-shirt in your bag if you’re out past sunset.

In Corolla, you’ll find many beachwear boutiques with souvenir attire, beach wraps, and other seasonally appropriate clothing. Check out Birthday Suits, Gray’s Outer Banks Lifestyle Clothing Company, Salty Skies Boutique, and Ocean Drive Clothing Company during your stay.

Pack for Nutrition

A full day of playing in the surf and strolling along the shore requires energy. It’s always good to keep a few snacks in your beach bag, whether it’s trail mix, fruit slices, sandwiches or chips. Keep bottled water nearby, too, and stay hydrated.

Pick up your favorite beach treats at any of our local grocers and specialty shops, like Harris Teeter, Food Lion, and Brew Thru Corolla For savory snacks, the Beef Jerky Experience in Corolla offers a variety of jerkies, popcorn, and nuts. Try My Nuts and the Fudgery have a selection of candy and nuts great for the beach.

Pack for Relaxation

Visitors to our beach, when they’re not in the water or exploring the shoreline, enjoy laying out in the sun. Some put in their ear buds to enjoy their favorite music or podcast, others reach for that book everybody on social media adores. It’s a good idea to keep a few amusements in your bag when you want to relax in your beach chair and not think about work. If you’re in need of reading material, Beach Books and the Island Bookstore in Corolla have shelves of new and popular titles to hold your attention. Our local library sells used books to support their programs. Also, you’re welcome to browse any of the Little Free Library stations in the area for free books other visitors have left.

Pack for Protection

The Corolla and Currituck beaches experience many sunny days, so it’s important to mind yourself and your loved ones for sunburns and other irritations. Choose the right sunscreen for your skin type. If you run low during your trip, several shops in the area are well-stocked for your convenience, including Super Wings, Kitty Hawk Kites and other boutiques in Corolla Light Town Center and Timbuck II.

In the event something should happen to the beach bag you brought from home, no worries! Visit any of our local beach shops for a new tote and organize your trip essentials. For more ideas on attractions and activities beyond the beach, download our free Corolla OBX App and see what’s happening in Corolla and mainland Currituck.