Treasure of Currituck

February 23, 2015

Driving down to the Outer Banks for a family vacation, the ride is filled with laughter, sing-alongs, I, Spy…and traffic. Sometimes, there is no way to avoid the mad rush of fellow vacationers. However, there may be an alternative to sitting with them in the hazy heat of the summer months: go shopping!

Change your beach drive for the better – remember all those little curiosity stores and antique shops you zoom past on your way to OBX every year? There may just be treasure buried inside, for those who take the time to look. Want to find more of Currituck’s hidden treasures for your OBX vacation? Check out our Shopping and Dining Guide!

The Welcome Center in Moyock ranks #1 on Trip Advisor. This center is a worthwhile stop as it offers visitors a friendly welcome and a big dose of southern hospitality along with useful information, maps, clean bathrooms, free coffee and advice about where the locals eat and shop.

The Welcome Center is on the right just as you cross the North Carolina line on Hwy 168 in Moyock, NC:

            106 Caratoke Highway (Moyock, NC)



Digging through shelves rather than sand, searching for precious antiques rather than shells… this is the modern-day treasure hunter. There are antique and thrift shops all throughout Currituck Outer Banks. Seek out those hidden gems and treat yourself to some real vintage treasure:

PJ’s Thrift Store

578 Caratoke Hwy. (Moyock, NC)


The Peck Basket General Store

2132 Caratoke Hwy (Moyock, NC)


Coinjock Antiques

            4901 Caratoke Highway (Coinjock, NC)


Lammers Glass, Gifts & Antiques

7715 Caratoke Hwy. (Powells Point, NC)


It’s All Good Antiques & Vintage

            9138 Caratoke Highway (Point Harbor, NC)


Old Corolla Trading Company

            1129 Schoolhouse Lane (Corolla, NC)


Spry Creek Home Accents & Gifts

            1122 Corolla Village Rd



Most of the unique galleries in Corolla and Currituck are owned by local artisans, who peddle one-of-a-kind souvenirs, made by hand. Find art, jewelry, clothing and more at these locations:

Dolphin Watch Gallery

            793 B Sunset Blvd (Corolla, NC)


Eclectic Treasures

            794 Sunset Blvd Suite K (Corolla, NC)


Ocean Treasures Art Gallery

            785 E Sunset Blvd (Corolla, NC)


Thomas Kinkade Gallery & Gifts

            785 Sunset Blvd (Corolla, NC)



Farmer’s markets offer a different kind of shopping experience. Do some preliminary grocery shopping while on the road; scoop up some fruit and veggies, jellies and jams, salsas and ciders. The next time you’re feeling parched on the drive down to Corolla or Currituck, check out:

Coinjock Creek Farm Market

            180 Maple Road (Maple, NC)


Grandy Farm Market

6264 Caratoke Highway (Grandy, NC)


Powell’s Roadside Market

            2138 Caratoke Highway 168 (Moyock, NC)


Morris Farm Market

3784 Caratoke Hwy. (Barco, NC)


Tarheel Produce

6954 Caratoke Hwy. (Grandy, NC)


The Farm Market

7940 Caratoke Hwy. (Powells Point, NC)


Seaside Farm Market

            787 Sunset Blvd (Corolla, NC)



Find something totally unique and crafted with care at one of the many handmade arts and crafts galleries in Corolla and Currituck:

Beach Bums

4402 Caratoke Highway (Barco, NC)


Cotton Gin

6957 Caratoke Hwy. (Jarvisburg, NC)


Alice’s Craft Gallery

            815 A Ocean Trail (Corolla, NC)


Carolina Moon Gallery

            792 Sunset Blvd (Corolla, NC)


Michael’s Gems & Glass

            794 Sunset Blvd (Corolla, NC)



So the next time you and your family get stuck in traffic on the way to Currituck or Corolla — or simply start craving some homemade, organic cider, pull over and sample some local wares. We know you won’t be disappointed.

Want to find more of Currituck’s hidden treasures for your OBX vacation? Check out our Shopping and Dining Guide!