Meet Our Newest Mustang!

March 21, 2024

As residents of Corolla and Currituck County, we are dedicated not only to preserving the integrity of our beaches and historical attractions, but maintaining a safe environment for area wildlife. The Wild Mustangs, descended from the horses ridden by 16th-century Spanish explorers, are Corolla’s most popular attraction. These majestic creatures continue to thrive in the spacious Currituck National Wildlife Refuge. Recently, we welcomed a new addition to the herd!


According to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, little Eros was foaled in early February. Eros is the first foal of 2024, bringing the total of wild horses in the herd to 111. Foals typically arrive during spring, so if you are planning to visit our beaches before the summer season there is a chance you will see Eros and perhaps one or two new herd mates playing in the surf during your stay. 


Enjoy the Wild Mustangs From a Safe Distance


Residents of and visitors to the Currituck Outer Banks must abide by the laws that protect the Wild Mustangs. To help maintain the well-being of the herd, it is important to stay a minimum distance of fifty feet from any horses. Other important rules to keep in mind include:


Do not interfere with foals and their dams. Foals like Eros need time to acclimate into the herd and bond with their mothers. Any type of stress put on the horses can lead to problems like rejection. According to the CWHF, if an adult horse senses outside danger threatening their babies, they may react with aggression. 


Keep pets leashed and away. Pets must be leashed and supervised at all times on Corolla beaches. The fifty-foot law also applies to your four-footed friends, as a dog running up to the herd can scare the horses and risk a stampede and/or harm to the horses and/or your pet. 


Do not leave out food for the horses to find. The horses subsist on sea oats in the dunes and require nothing else. Apples and carrots are toxic to the Wild Mustangs and also present a choking hazard. Other foods left out around the 4×4 homes can cause digestive problems if the horses find it. If you’re renting a home in Carova where horses may stray, take care to secure your garbage cans at night.


Book a Guided Tour


The best, and safest way to see the Corolla Wild Mustangs this spring and summer is on a guided tour. Several professional wild horse tour companies can take you where the horses are most often found. If you plan one activity during your Currituck Outer Banks stay, aside from relaxing on the beach, book a horse sightseeing tour for your family. Seeing these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat is an unforgettable experience, and we hope to enjoy the wild horses for many years to come.


After you have reserved your accommodations, download our visitors guide to start planning your vacation. We look forward to to seeing you!