Choose The Right Accommodations For Your Corolla Stay

December 6, 2023

It’s time to plan! Reservations throughout Corolla and the Currituck beaches are open for spring and summer. If you have decided to spend the warmer months on our shores, it’s highly recommended to book your stay as soon as possible to lock in the accommodations best suited for you and your family. Visitors often grab up the top picks early, so if there’s a specific amenity you want, like an oceanfront view or a hot tub, don’t hesitate.

Which of our many beautiful rooms are right for you? This quick checklist will help you determine how to search for the vacation spot of your dreams.Corolla, NC - Currituck Outer Banks

Reserve a Corolla Vacation Home If…

  • You and your party plan to stay with us for a week or more.
  • You want the comfort of a hotel room with added amenities like separate rooms for all the guests, a full kitchen, and extras like pool and hot tub access.
  • You want to be close to our great restaurants, shops, and popular attractions like Whalehead, the Currituck Beach Lighthouse, and the Maritime Museum.
  • You love to hike and ride bikes, and want to be near our picturesque trails in and around Historic Corolla.
  • You want to stay near the beach. Thankfully every area of Corolla is near a beach or body of water, but how close is up to you.

Corolla vacation rentals are ideal, too, if your vehicle doesn’t have 4×4 capability. These homes are easily accessible by road and you can still book a Wild Mustang tour to see the rest of the beach. Browse our directory of realty companies with homes to rent in Corolla.

Reserve a Carova Beach Vacation Home If…

  • You are staying for a week or longer.
  • You and your guests have a 4-wheel drive vehicle during your vacation stay for travel on the 4×4 sand beaches.
  • You and your family want to experience a truly remote beach vacation, with the postcard beauty of the sand and sea as your primary view.
  • You’re here for the horses and want to stay closer to where they play.
  • You plan to spend the majority of your stay at the beach or on the deck of your vacation home, enjoying the sun and simply relaxing.
  • You prefer to prepare your own meals, be it roasting oysters or grilling fresh catch, and dine on your deck.
  • Your extended family–grandparents, cousins, close friends–are coming along and you want room to breathe.

Vacation homes on the 4×4 beaches are perfect for large groups coming together to create new memories on our coast. Browse our directory of realty companies offering cottages to rent on Carova Beach.

Reserve a Corolla Hotel or Inn If…

  • Your party is small enough that you only need one or two rooms for your stay.
  • You’re planning a second honeymoon with your sweetheart and are looking for cozy accommodations.
  • You intend to rent beach and water equipment like paddle boards and kayaks, and therefore don’t need too much space in your room.
  • You plan to spend full days outdoors, be it golfing or boating or exploring our many wildlife trails, and you’re only looking for a place to rest your head at night.

Reserve a Mainland Stay If…

  • You’re planning a few activities on the mainland, like shopping, dining, the H2OBX waterpark, the farm markets, Sanctuary Vineyards, Buffalo City Distillery, golfing, and other attractions.
  • You’re looking to stay close to the beach but you also enjoy what the mainland has to offer.
  • You’re looking to stay somewhere before your full week at the beach.
  • You’re looking to hunt with one of our local hunting guides.
  • You’re planning a kayaking trip from the CCRC or planning a stay on our kayaking platforms.
  • You’re a birder and looking to take a trip over to Knotts Island to visit the Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Hotel and inn accommodations are available in Corolla and mainland Currituck. Whether you want to be closer to the beach or near your favorite golf courses, we have a place for you.

Once you’ve squared away your lodging, you can relax knowing there’s a comfortable bed and a beautiful view waiting for you next year. Download our visitors guide for vacation bucket list inspiration, and check out our free Corolla OBX app for events and discounts from local businesses. See you soon!