Camping in Currituck County

October 14, 2008

Camping has been a popular recreational activity in the United States for many years and became more popular in the early 20th century. Campers use the time to get away from civilization and enjoy nature up close. Camping in the Outer Banks of North Carolina can provide the perfect retreat for all types of camping enthusiasts.

“Camping” describes a wide variety of activities; a survivalist may set out with just a pair of boots on their feet while recreational travelers may arrive at their camping site equipped with their own electricity, heat and air conditioning, and comfortable patio furniture. A popular kind of campers, those who use a tent, are commonly called “tent campers.” Recreational Vehicles, or RVs, allow campers to have most of the comforts of home while traveling to camp sites that provide utility attachments. Campgrounds throughout Currituck County, NC offer these types of camping as well as others like survivalist, huntsman, and surf camping.

While camping is often the objective, it is usually combined with other outdoor activities such as hiking or hunting. Campers on Bells Island in Currituck can enjoy camping close to the Currituck Sound, where they can participate in boating, fishing, crabbing, and other water sports. Distant waves provide a comforting sound to fall asleep to at night.

Camping in Currituck County, North Carolina is also a great place for wildlife enthusiasts to photograph and catalog various species of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, and aquatic animals. Several endangered species, such as piping plover, sea beach amaranth, and loggerhead sea turtles call the brackish water marshes home. Perhaps the most splendid could be the galloping groups of wild horses that roam the area, stunning observers with their speed and elegance.

Currituck County has long been a destination for people who enjoy camping activities. From the glory days of the hunt clubs to today, many people have made Currituck a favorite camping destination, offering every type of camping that an outdoor enthusiast could desire.

Bells Island Campground is about 22 acres of land on the Currituck Sound. Campers will find tent camping areas, RV hook-up sites and clean restroom and shower facilities on site. Available activities include fishing, crabbing, boating and sailing. Contact Bells Island Campground for more information at (252) 232-2590.

Hampton Lodge Camping Resort offers RV hook-ups and other amenities for all sorts of campers. Its numerous nature walks and bike trails are a great way to spend an afternoon outdoors. They can be reached at (252) 453-2732 for additional details.

Sandy Point Resort Campground is on Knotts Island on the Currituck Sound. They feature 80 full RV hook-up sites, 30 water and electric sites and 40 primitive sites. This campground has a boat ramp, a sandy beach and fishing access. Contact Sandy Point at (252) 429 3094 to find out more.

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