Booking Early is the Best Gift

December 6, 2019

Summer seems an eternity away, but a relaxing vacation in Corolla and the Currituck beaches is definitely worth the wait. July is especially a great time to bring the extended family to our stretch of North Carolina coast – sunny weather remains consistent, and our legendary Spanish Mustangs tend to be more active and visible. Anticipating a trip may help keep you warm this winter, but if you are serious about visiting us, now is the time to book a beach house.

Oh, the view from these decks…

The early bird gets the best view.

“The best selection for finding the perfect vacation home [in the Currituck area] is December to end of January,” says Doug Brindley of Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales. “By February over 60 percent of the homes are rented.” 

While it’s tempting to wait closer to vacation time for discounts on beach vacation rentals, biding your time to save a few dollars may end up costing your family more in terms of convenience. 

“Many of us tend to look for the best deals as we consider our vacation plans and, as a result, we tend to think that the longer we wait the more prices drop. [The prices] drop only on weeks that remain open — meaning the best weeks in the best communities have long since been taken off the market.” says Clark Twiddy of Twiddy & Company Realtors. “Waiting until the last minute increases the risk of not getting what you wanted; and remember, the finest accommodations usually book many months in advance.”

This means Corolla and Carova Beach homes with luxury amenities like hot tubs, furnished game rooms, and large decks can get snapped up early. If you wait too long to reserve, you also risk missing out on homes with the number of bedrooms you need so all your guests have a comfortable stay, to say nothing of the homes with the best ocean views.

Custom vacations made easy.

Time is your friend when making your plans early,” says Janice Farr of Sun Realty. This is evident in the many options rental companies offer to vacationers who book well in advance. It’s not required to have your full payment ready at booking. Farr notes that Sun Realty, for example, offers renters the choice of four different payment schedules. This can help you determine how to best utilize your summer vacation budget.

Booking early also allows you ample time to plan activities. Wild horse sightseeing tours fill up quickly, so it’s a good idea to reserve spots before you arrive in Corolla. Our events calendar is updated regularly, so you’ll know when to come to Whalehead for a wine tasting or to Historic Corolla Park for a summer festival. 

Our beaches are where you can watch the wild horses play.

Once you’ve confirmed the beach home you want, your only worry is packing enough sunscreen for everybody. Even if you run out, though, you can buy more in town. 

While you’re online taking advantage of post-holiday sales, be sure to keep a window open on our vacation rental directory. Corolla and the Currituck beaches have some of the most beautiful and spacious beach homes on the Atlantic coast, and a summer vacation here inspires endless memories and enjoyment. Give your family the promise of an unforgettable trip.