Booking Your 2022 Beach Vacation Early is Key

December 2, 2021

Summer may seem an eternity away, but seasons change quicker than you least expect. It’s never too soon to plan your next vacation. A relaxing stay in Corolla and the beaches of the Currituck Outer Banks is definitely worth the wait, and summer is a great time to bring the extended family to our calm and peaceful stretch of North Carolina coast. 

Here the water is warm, the skies clear and sunny, and our legendary Spanish Mustangs tend to be more active and visible during the summer months. It’s the perfect time to breathe in some salty air, go for a hike, or simply relax with your toes in the sand and a good book in your hand.

Dreaming of your perfect beach getaway may help keep you warm this winter, but remember that you’re not the only one whose mind is drifting to this slice of coastal paradise to escape the cold weather. Now is the time to book a beach house to ensure you get what you’re looking for, especially in 2022.

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  The early bird gets the best of everything.

“December is the absolute best time to reserve your Outer Banks vacation home. Many of our homes are already filling up as demand for 2022 is breaking all records,” says Sue Ann Lewis, Senior Vice President of Carolina Shores Vacation Rentals. “The Outer Banks has become one of the top travel destinations due to the ease in getting here, cost and family atmosphere. Having your own beach vacation home and all the privacy one could ask for is what vacationing is all about. By booking early you can ensure your family will have the perfect vacation home and all the features you want.”

Biding your time before booking in order to save a few dollars may end up costing your family more in terms of location, amenities, and convenience. Bob Kissell, Director of Marketing at Village Realty, noted the rise in demand for accommodations in the northern Outer Banks following the lift of pandemic travel restrictions.

“We’re seeing a historic booking pace for 2022 bookings, above what was a banner year for 2021,” Kissell. “2020/2021 ushered in a wave of new visitors to the Outer Banks, in addition to the millions who come here as part of a long-established family tradition. That means your favorite vacation rental now has nearly double the booking interest, and as we say in the business, you can only book a week once!”

Adds Clark Twiddy, president of Twiddy & Company, “While it can be tempting to wait and shop for last-minute deals, in this environment leaving something as important as a family vacation to pure chance is something that we don’t think delivers the best possible experience.”

This means Corolla and Carova Beach homes with luxury amenities like hot tubs, furnished game rooms, and large decks can get snapped up early. If you wait too long to make a reservation, you also risk missing out on homes with the number of bedrooms you need so all your guests have a comfortable stay, to say nothing of the homes with expansive oceanfront views.

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Planning the perfect vacation for Summer 2022 means starting in Winter 2021. 

“The winter holiday season and early January is the ideal time to plan your next Corolla or Carova family vacation,” says Janice Farr, Senior Vice President of Property Management at Sun Realty. “Reserve now for your best selection of vacation homes that fit your family’s chosen dates and desires so you can walk along our shoreline again very soon.”

“For those who wait, especially for this upcoming season, if you don’t book early, there’s a good chance you may be disappointed that you didn’t get exactly what you had hoped for in a rental home,” adds Doug Brindley, owner of Brindley Beach Vacation & Sales.

If budget is a concern when planning early, some vacation rental brokers may accommodate guests with payment plans, among other options. “Booking trends for the Outer Banks continue to evolve,” says Ryan Thibodeau, Marketing and Operations Manager, Carolina Designs Realty & Vacation Rentals. “Travelers are reserving accommodations over a year in advance in many cases, particularly for homes with popular amenities. Gone are the days of special pricing for last-minute reservations.”

The consensus among several vacation rental management companies in the Outer Banks area is, in order to secure the best home for your vacation, to book as soon as possible for a 2022 or 2023 trip.

Booking early also allows you ample time to dream up that perfect summer itinerary. Wild horse sightseeing tours fill up quickly, so it’s a good idea to reserve spots before you arrive in Corolla. Other attractions like H2OBX Waterpark and Corolla Adventure Park sell passes online, which is highly recommended if you want additional peace of mind and spend less time waiting in line.

Once you’ve confirmed the perfect beach home, all that will be left to do is let your mind drift away to our miles of windswept remote beaches as you count the days until your trip. 

As you’re online exploring the latest holiday sales and wondering what to get your family this gift-giving season, be sure to keep a browser window open in our vacation rental directory. Corolla and the beaches of the Currituck Outer Banks have some of the most beautiful and spacious beach homes on the Atlantic coast, and a summer vacation here inspires endless memories and enjoyment. This year, give your family the promise of an unforgettable trip.