5 Must-See Sites in Currituck for History Buffs

April 2, 2015

Founded in 1668, Currituck has a rich history that offers visitors, especially history buffs, a multitude of sites to explore and discover the past. Check out these historical places for an adventurous step back in time during your next Currituck vacation!

Currituck County Historic Jail and Courthouse

Originally constructed in the early 1700s, Currituck County’s original courthouse was replaced in 1842 and then remodeled in 1898. Situated right next door to the original Currituck Jail, the old courthouse currently houses the county’s governmental administrative offices. The jail, which was built in 1776, is actually one of the four oldest jails in North Carolina. Drive down to the ferry dock in Central Mainland Currituck and you can view both of these historic structures along the way.

Historic Corolla Park and Village

Winding walkways, a boathouse, and a pedestrian footbridge are some of the things that can be found while taking a casual stroll in Historic Corolla Park, located at Whalehead in Corolla. The footbridge and the boathouse are both listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Nearby you will find Corolla Village, where original historic homes have been transformed into shops. The Parker House is an old village house that was built in 1900 and has since been restored. The house was relocated to the Historic Corolla Village area in 1920 where it still resides today, currently housing a charming garden store.

Currituck Beach Lighthouse

Also located in Historic Corolla Village are the Currituck Beach Lighthouse and the Light Keeper’s House. The beautiful red-brick lighthouse, which was built in 1875, invites visitors to climb its 214 steps to the top for a 360-degree view of Currituck from 163 feet up. Still working as an aid in navigation to this day, the Currituck Beach Lighthouse emits a beacon that can be seen for 18 nautical miles. Come explore the history and magnificence of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse during your next vacation to the Currituck OBX.

Historic Whalehead

One of the most popular landmarks on the Currituck Outer Banks is Historic Whalehead, an art nouveau-designed mansion built in the 1920s that is the backdrop for many weddings and festivals annually. Located in Corolla, on the grounds of the Historic Corolla Park, the house was the winter home for Edward Collings and Marie Louise Knight, who travelled to Corolla from the north to take up seasonal residence from 1925-1934. As well as a magnificent exterior, the interior design and style makes it one of the most popular tours for visitors to take on the Outer Banks.

Corolla Chapel

Built in 1885, the Corolla Chapel served the people of Corolla until 1958 and then began again in 1987. It is the only year-round church in Corolla and serves as a popular wedding venue as well. Located right on the sound, many visitors flock to the pelican alter window to hear a sermon and take in a gorgeous view.

These one-of-a-kind historical sites are sure to help visiting history buffs enjoy their Currituck vacation. So be sure to stop by and check them out, either on the mainland or the Outer Banks, for an enjoyable visit any time of year.