Whether you’re interested in fishing, exploring miles of flourishing wildlife, or just taking a leisurely sightseeing tour suitable for all ages, the Currituck Sound is the perfect terrain to get your feet wet on a kayaking adventure. There are many local companies that specialize in tours, rentals, lessons and guides. Whether you’re a water enthusiast, a casual sightseer, or a beginner, you’re going to find a rewarding, panoramic, easy-to-navigate kayaking adventure on the Currituck, Outer Banks.

When kayaking along the famous natural Currituck Sound, stray from the norm and immerse yourself in the abundant wild beauty to be found throughout the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Explore the seemingly endless waterways within the acres of marshland, and get lost as you find yourself.

Visit the Whalehead, a nationally recognized and preserved 1920s art nouveau mansion that is on of the most distinguished hunting retreats ever built. Learn about local migrating birds, otters and other regional wildlife unique to this secluded and undisturbed environment.

The Currituck Sound is also ideal for Jet-Skiing, Para-Sailing & Kite-Boarding.