Corolla Beach Rentals During Shoulder Season

The summer is coming to its end, and children are going back to school. However, the time to rent a beach house in Corolla has never been better. With crowds gone, NC beach rental owners drop the prices to attract visitors during the shoulder season. Slow down and relax at one of NC beach rentals, enjoy the beauty of the quiet beaches and the great deals, too.

Things to do in Corolla

Enjoy Corolla beaches – The water is still warm, and there are plenty of beautiful golden-sand beaches for you and your family to enjoy. Most of NC Beach rentals give you an easy access to the beach. Enjoy boogie boarding, surfing, and swimming in the refreshing waters of North Carolina.

Visit the local places of interest – There are many places to visit during your vacation in North Carolina. Whalehead Club, Currituck Beach Lighthouse, and many other places will great the visitors and share a piece of Currituck history with them.

Shopping – The beach season is coming to its end, but the shopping season is always in peak. Visit local stores and gift shops to bring a part of Corolla back home. Get branded beach towels, clothing, and other gifts in the local stores.

Wild Horses of Corolla – One of the main attractions in Corolla is certainly the wild horses. Beautiful mustangs browse the beaches of Corolla and mind their own business. Nothing is more beautiful then watching the horses, birds, and other animals in their natural surroundings.

Where to stay

With hundreds of choices in beach vacation rentals, Corolla is a great option for a shoulder season beach vacation. All good things come together during shoulder season in Currituck. Beautiful beaches, discounted beach rentals, and stunning nature of Corolla will make your vacation unforgettable.

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