Tips for Bringing your Dog to the Beach

May 1, 2015

Bring your pet to the beach!There are few places where a dog seems more joyful and at-home than at the beach, soaking up the sunlight, galloping across the sand and prancing through the surf. It can be tough to find a dog-sitter or suitable boarding arrangement for your fur-baby while you go on vacation, but don’t despair: you can bring your pet with you to the OBX!

Most vacation rental homes in Corolla offer pet-friendly options – just contact your rental company. If a hotel is more your style, the Inn at Corolla Light welcomes four-legged guests in certain rooms for a small fee ($25 a night for dogs under 50 pounds).

Of course, there are a few rules when it comes to taking your furry friend onto the beach: pets must be kept on a leash at all times and in all areas. Owners must clean up after them, so bring some baggies with you. Like the human members of your family, pets are also subject to the same 50-foot rules regarding the Corolla wild horses.

If you and your beach buddy can adhere to those rules, then the Outer Banks is your oyster! There are even a number of pet-friendly activities and places for you to visit, besides the requisite walking and running on the beach together.

At The Greater Coastal Canine Academy in Jarvisburg, there is a doggie coffee bar with free ice cream for pooches. Let your pup make some holiday buddies of her own, while indulging in some canine crunch ice cream – hey, it’s vacation!

Spoil your shaggy sidekick with a spa day at The Corolla Kennel Club, where amenities include homemade dog treats, flavored ices, beach toys and pet supplies galore. Once Fido’s fur is silky and shiny, commemorate your trip together with a special pet photography session on the shore.

For those of you who don’t have a dog and are enchanted by the equine, the Currituck County Rural Center, located on the mainland and less than 15 minutes from the Wright Memorial Bridge, features stalls for rent and an outdoor and indoor arena for riding. If you plan to bring your horse, call the Rural Center to make arrangements.

Horses are expected to abide by a few regulations as well, however. Unfortunately, beach riding is not permitted during the summer, and domesticated horses are not allowed in the 4WD area for the safety of the Corolla Wild Horses.

Vacations are more fun with the four-legged family members along for the ride! Bring your furry buddies along and create a whole slew of memories that you will both treasure forever.
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