Safety Doesn’t Take a Vacation

September 8, 2021

We would love for anyone who comes to Corolla and the Currituck beaches to become a repeat visitor. Observing safety procedures at the beach and in our vacation rentals helps prevent injuries and other problems while away from home. While we often promote tips to travelers for the safety of area wildlife, including our beloved Wild Mustangs, we also wish for you and everybody in your party to enjoy a happy and safe stay here.

It’s why we recently produced a number of beach and home rental safety videos, and we are thrilled to share them with you! Each video focuses on a specific aspect of the Corolla vacation and how you can easily prevent accidents, illness, and injury during your stay.

Can You Dig It? Fill It Back!

When leaving the beach make sure you fill in any holes you have dug. Also, be careful how large and deep the hole is that you dig. The hole can be a danger for you, others and for beach safety crews who drive these beaches.

Beaches Are Cool; Sand Is Hot

Give yourself and your pets a break from the sand. Wear sandals, flip-flops or get to the water as soon as possible to avoid burns on your feet from the hot sand.

How to Escape the Grip of a Rip

Rip currents are one of the biggest safety concerns at the beach. Know where to swim and how to break the grip of a rip current.

RU Ready 4 UV?

When having fun at the beach don’t forget to protect your body from the sun.

Take Out the Trash

When enjoying your time at the beach it is so important that we do our part and remember to clean up after ourselves so that we can keep our beautiful beaches unspoiled for generations to come.

Share the Road

Whether on bike or behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, you need to be mindful of bike safety when traveling on our two-lane highways.

Look Before You Lift

Elevators can look like a toy to kids. Let’s be mindful of our children when arriving at your vacation home and exploring your new surroundings. Educate them on some of the dangers that exist.

Grill & Chill Safely

The excitement of grilling that fresh catch of the day can be one of the most enjoyable parts of any vacation. But it needs to be done safely.

We extend our sincere thanks to Corolla Ocean Rescue, the Currituck County Department of Development Services, and the Currituck County Sheriff’s Department for their participation in these important safety videos.

For additional videos on how to enjoy your stay on the Currituck Outer Banks, visit, check out additional video content on YouTube and Vimeo, or explore our Simply Corolla streaming channel on Roku or Amazon Fire.