Safety Doesn’t Take a Vacation

May 18, 2022

With summer nearly here, everybody on the Currituck Outer Banks is preparing for the best season yet. It’s our hope that you and your family enjoy an amazing vacation in Corolla and the Currituck beaches, and that you not only arrive safe and sound but stay that way throughout your visit. To ensure our guests stay up to date on beach conditions, our site and text notification system is live to inform you of rip currents and severe weather. Text SAFECOROLLA to 888-777 and receive alerts as they happen.

Before you make your way here, we also invite you to watch this informative series of beach and home rental safety videos. Each video focuses on a specific aspect of a Corolla vacation and how you can easily prevent accidents, illness, and injury on the roads, in your beach rentals, and on the shore.

Can You Dig It? Fill It Back!

When leaving the beach make sure you fill in any holes you have dug. Also be careful how large and deep a hole is you dig. The hole can be a danger for you, others and for beach safety crews who drive these beaches.

Corolla – Beach Safety Tips – Digging Holes from Currituck Outer Banks on Vimeo.

Beaches Are Cool; Sand Is Hot

Give you and your pets a break from the sand. Wear sandals, flip-flops or get to the water as soon as possible to avoid burns on your feet from the hot sand.

Corolla – Beach Safety Tips – Hot Sand from Currituck Outer Banks on Vimeo.

Don’t Let ‘Em Rip

Rip Currents are probably one of the biggest safety concerns at the beach. Know where to swim and how to break the grip of a rip current.

Corolla – Beach Safety Tips – Rip Currents from Currituck Outer Banks on Vimeo.

RU Ready 4 UV?

When having fun at the beach don’t forget to protect your body from the sun.

Corolla – Beach Safety Tips – Sunscreen from Currituck Outer Banks on Vimeo.

Take Out the Trash

When at the beach it is so important we remember to clean up after ourselves so that we can keep the beach as clean as possible.

Corolla – Beach Safety Tips – Take what you brought from Currituck Outer Banks on Vimeo.

Share the Road

Whether you are a biker or a driver you need to be mindful of bike safety when on these two-lane highways.

Corolla – Beach Safety Tips – Bike Safety from Currituck Outer Banks on Vimeo.

Look Before You Lift

Elevators can look like a toy to kids. Let’s be mindful of our children when coming into your vacation house. Educate them on the dangers before use.

Corolla – Beach Safety Tips – Elevator Safety from Currituck Outer Banks on Vimeo.

Grill & Chill Safely

Grill use on vacation or at home needs to be safely monitored and used as directed by the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Corolla – Beach Safety Tips – Grill Safety from Currituck Outer Banks on Vimeo.

We extend our thanks to Corolla Ocean Rescue, the Currituck County Office of Planning and Community Development, and the Currituck County Sheriff’s Department for their participation in these videos. Also, be sure to download or request our free visitors guide and get our mobile app, too, when planning your perfect Currituck Outer Banks escape.