Get a Last Minute Deal on a Vacation Home

August 24, 2012
We don’t live far from the Outer Banks. On a good day, it doesn’t take us more than an hour and a half to get to the Currituck side of the shoreline. Usually if we find we’re in the mood for a night near the beach and a good seafood dinner, we’ll drive down for the night. Spontaneous vacations can be fun, and if you have the time to spare you know some of the best deals are found last minute. If you desire a vacation in the OBX and are looking for a vacation home for the week, you may find you can get a good price if you wait.

Usually, last minute deals come about when a property agent has listings that remain vacant during a peak period. In the Outer Banks, for example, one will find a multitude of two- and three-story homes along the shore and sound. Many can sleep up to twenty people and come with nice amenities like swimming pool access, BBQ grills, and hot tubs. During the high summer season, these homes can rent weekly for as much as three to five thousand dollars. This of course depends on the house and location. When a home stands vacant for a week, no money is made for the rental agency or the home’s owner. It makes sense, therefore, to post special reduced rates in order to get some money for that week.

Question is, how do you find the deals? In the Internet age, we know that information comes rapidly. If you know where to look, you may be able to enjoy a beach vacation at a fraction of the cost. Here are a few tips to consider.

1) Get on mailing lists. Many of the area rental agencies in Currituck and Dare counties have websites and contact information. Find out who has an e-mail alert system and subscribe. Then pay attention to deals happening when you have time to go on a troup.

2) Check Twitter. I’ve found that people do utilize Twitter search for vacation ideas. Keep an eye on searches for “OBX” and “Outer Banks rentals” and see what pops up. You are likely to find results from rental agencies and the local tourism boards.

Ask friends who have stayed at your intended destination as well, and see what companies they recommend. While the majority of homes are situated near the beaches, there may be a few inland rental homes that do not cost as much. You can still enjoy the sunny weather and attractions, if you don’t mind a short drive.

Vacation rentals are very popular year round. Know, however, that some do go on special, so keep an eye out for deals.


Kathryn Lively