Beach Parking Application

Due to recent changes to the beach parking permit ordinance, the county is updating the current application. We feel that the new changes will make the application process a lot easier for our citizens and visitors.

Beach Parking Permit

Beach goers who wish to park on Currituck County’s four-wheel drive beach during the summer are required to have a county-issued beach parking permit displayed on their motor vehicle.
This permit system was adopted by the Board of Commissioners in 2018 as an effort to increase safety in the four-wheel drive area, where large numbers of people and vehicles mix on a daily basis during the summer tourist season.
The permit system will be effective from the Friday before Memorial Day until Labor Day

Beach Parking Application

  • Air Down Ordinance | No person shall drive or operate a motor vehicle on the beach strand or foreshore with tires containing air pressure exceeding the following pounds per square inch (p.s.i.): (1) Twenty p.s.i. for motor vehicles with curb weight of less than 5,000 pounds; (2) Tire p.s.i. not greater than that required for safe travel for motor vehicles with curb weight greater than 5,000 pounds.
  • Air Down Location | Motorists should pull over to air down tires at the Corolla Village Road public access facility, which is located on the east side of N.C. 12.
  • Air Up Location | After leaving the beach, motorists may air up tires at Historic Corolla Park, which is located on the west side of N.C. 12. Enter at main park entrance and turn right into parking lot. Air stations are located at the end of the lot near the picnic pavilion.
  • Beach Driving Lane Shift to Dune Line | From the Friday before Memorial Day to Labor Day, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., the beach traffic lane will shift from the foreshore to a lane adjacent to the dune line only in the area 1.5 miles north of the beach access ramp to Mile Post 17.
  • Do Not Block the Traffic Lane | All vehicles shall be parked in the middle of the beach strand and not obstruct the traffic lane. Likewise, no beach chairs, coolers, fishing lines, or other items should be placed in a location that blocks the traffic lanes.
  • Remove Your Stuff When You Leave | Visitors should not leave any unattended property on the beach. Any property remaining on the beach between sunset and sunrise shall be considered litter and is subject to removal and disposal.
  • Fill Your Holes | Excessive and unsafe digging or piling of sand on the beach is prohibited. Visitors must fill in any holes dug while playing on the beach to prevent safety hazards for those traveling on the beach.

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