Valentine’s Day in Currituck Outer Banks

Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly, and it’s time to plan how you’re going to show your love to that special someone. Skip the chocolates and overpriced jewelry this year and give your Valentine something truly memorable: a trip to the Currituck Outer Banks.

Want to treat your sweetie to a getaway? Find a beach rental for two, book a stay at a bed and breakfast, or stay in one of our unique local hotels or inns and give the gift of not having to make the bed. If you can’t take a vacation just yet, take your sweetheart out to dinner and reveal the gift of planning and booking a vacation together. But don’t feel like you have to wait until summer – there are some incredible deals and promotions in the spring, and you’ll have the beach to yourself if you visit before the height of the summer season.

If you’re planning to pop the question this Valentine’s Day, consider booking a one-bedroom cottage, getting a couples massage at one of our local spas, and going out on a wild horse tour together. The backdrop of a beautifully secluded beach with wild horses will result in an unforgettable beach proposal. Already engaged? Plan a beach wedding where the entire wedding party can stay in a single rental home in the off-road areas of Corolla and Carova. Oceanfront properties with luxurious amenities and wild horses grazing outside the front door will make for an unforgettable beach wedding.

Maybe you’ve been married for a while and have kids to consider – maybe a romantic getaway seems impossible. Many couples find it difficult to keep the romance alive after they have kids, but a vacation may be just what you need. Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to commit to spending more time

together, and start by planning a vacation as a team. Schedule it around the kids’ spring break at school and bring them with you. Get the extended family involved, and you’ll have an army of babysitters at the ready while the two of you take an afternoon off to walk on the beach, have a romantic lunch, or enjoy one of the many Currituck County attractions. Many rental companies offer great discounts in the spring, making a spring break trip a very budget-friendly option.

Chocolates go stale; jewelry can tarnish. But shared experiences and good memories last forever. Give the gift of time spent together this Valentine’s Day, and visit Currituck.