Currituck Wins 2 NCDOT Mobi Awards

The NCDOT Mobi Awards recognizes projects that showcase the important and transformational role that investments in multimodal transportation – such as bicycle, pedestrian, rail, transit, ferry, and aviation projects – play in creating vibrant communities in all parts of North Carolina.

Multimodal projects are an important piece of North Carolina’s future. They connect people to places, provide alternative modes of travel and make the state more accessible, attractive and competitive. The NCDOT Mobi Awards represent a multimodal focus that is at the heart of the N.C. Department of Transportation’s mission to leverage all of the state’s transportation infrastructure to ensure a strong economy for future generations.

Top multimodal projects in five categories – Urban, Suburban, Rural, Tourism and Innovation – were honored April 3, 2019, at an awards luncheon hosted by NCDOT and co-hosted by NC Go!, the North Carolina Triangle Chapter of Women’s Transportation Seminar and the N.C. State University Institute for Transportation Research and Education.

Suburban Category Winner
Corolla Greenway Project Phase III
Currituck County

Phase III of the Corolla Greenway project added a 3-mile ADA-accessible extension onto the greenway, and it runs along N.C. Highway 12, where pedestrians formerly shared the road with motor vehicles. Since its completion, it has provided the community with a safer way of travel about the area, while adding more connectivity among residents and visitors.

Innovation Category Winners
Corolla Village Road Sidewalk
Currituck County

The Corolla Village road sidewalk project added an extension and made improvements to a public beach access in Corolla. It has provided local citizens and visitors a pathway from the sound to the ocean, providing more connectivity in the community.