Hurricane Irma Update

Currituck Citizens and Visitors Should Monitor Irma and Be Prepared


Currituck County officials are monitoring Hurricane Irma and strongly advise all county residents and property owners to prepare for extreme weather conditions in case Irma’s track brings it to the region.

Though the forecast track for Irma is uncertain at this time, Currituck County may feel the effects of Irma early next week. The impact on Currituck will depend on the storm’s path, but citizens should remain informed and prepared.

Some important reminders for citizens as they make preparations:

  • Currituck County does not open any pre-storm shelters due to the low-lying coastal geography.
  • Have an emergency plan that includes intended evacuation destinations and communication with family and friends.
  • Have an emergency safety kit that includes enough food and water for each person to last for a minimum of three days.
  • Keep important documents, such as insurance policies, in a waterproof case.
  • Take photos and/or video of home and belongings before the storm.
  • Plan for pets and farm animals. During an evacuation, take your pets with you.
  • Fill autos with gas and have spare cash on hand.
  • Monitor information on;; and

For any questions related to preparedness, evacuation, and re-entry contact Currituck Emergency Management at (252) 232-2115.