Currituck County Event Grant Program

Currituck County Travel  & Tourism Event Grant Program

The mission of the Currituck County Department of Travel & Tourism is promotion of the County’s beaches and Mainland to attract guests for the purpose of visitation spending.

Visitation generated by Currituck Travel & Tourism promotion strengthens the local economy by local and state sales taxes collected through visitor spending. The economic impact of these taxes enhances the quality of life for Currituck County residents and encourages tourism-related business growth.

We encourage visitor spending by:

  1. Assisting County tourism-related businesses with advertising & marketing promotion;
  2. Creating and producing events to draw visitors to Currituck; and
  3. Providing visitors with information on County tourism-related businesses, attractions, activities, events, accommodations, services and historical sites located in Currituck County by digital advertising, print promotion and welcome centers.

For the purposes of this grant program, Currituck Travel & Tourism is focusing on assisting non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses to produce quality events (#2 above) that will attract visitors to Currituck County.

For more detailed guidelines and to apply for a grant, please download the forms below:

Event Grant Program Guidelines

Event Grant Program Application

Event Grant Program Accountability Form

Currituck County Travel  & Tourism Event Marketing Assistance Program

The purpose of the Tourism Event Marketing Assistance Program is to aid Currituck County community groups, non-profit organizations, and tourism-related businesses in promoting and marketing tourism and culturally-related events and activities by providing advertising money to establish the marketing of their event(s). It is expected that, over the three years, the event(s) will become self-supporting.

The program provides funds for advertising and promoting events, festivals, and other special promotions. Marketing activities under this program include paid media advertising and promotional materials that will assist in drawing visitors and tourists from outside Currituck County.

Click here to download guidelines and application form