Policy for Inclusion in Business Promotions

Policy for Inclusion in Business Promotions

Currituck County Department of Travel & Tourism Includes: Visual Displays, Printed Materials, Online Promotions and Other Marketing Conducted by the Tourism Department 

The purpose of this policy is to better facilitate the marketing of county tourism-related businesses. Businesses to be promoted include: accommodations, restaurants, attractions, retail shops, activities, and other businesses that are frequented by tourists. Businesses may be included in the following county promotions: print (visitor’s guide, brochures, maps, etc.), website, television, radio, familiarization tours, press tours, and other marketing campaigns.

For inclusion in business promotions, a business must:

  • compel a tourist to contact the business specifically due to the services provided, the items sold, or the activities offered. For example: a visitor would not make a special effort to contact or visit a specific gas station, convenience store, or grocery store; therefore, these businesses do not qualify and will not be included in the Travel & Tourism marketing campaigns. Other businesses NOT included in marketing efforts are: commercial and residential real estate companies that do not provide vacation rentals; automobile sales; construction companies; community newspapers; television stations; radio stations; adult entertainment; political websites; insurance companies; and any other non-tourism related retail store or business.
  • be located in Currituck County or provide services within the county borders. Any other branches, locations or services provided outside of the county will not be included or promoted; however, if a rental company leases or manages properties in Currituck County, but its office is located outside the county, it will be included. If a retail shop, for example, has stores in Corolla and Duck, only the Corolla store information will be listed. Nearby historical and cultural attractions and activities may also be included.
  • be clean, sanitary, and meet all state and county codes and ordinances including health department regulations.
  • be family-friendly and not promote nudity, drunkenness or lewd behavior.
  • not sell time-shares or offer gifts in exchange for attending a sales presentation.

Note: Currituck County reserves the right to deny a business participation in its promotions campaigns should the business not meet county and state laws, rules, ordinances, and regulations. In addition, should the Tourism Department receive a complaint from the public about a business, that business must make a good faith effort to remedy the situation and exhibit to the Tourism Department its efforts to do so. A letter will be sent by the Tourism Director to the reported business stating details of the complaint. The business owner or representative should respond in writing to the Tourism Director addressing the complaint within 30 days. Should the business representative not respond, the Tourism Department may withdraw promotions of that business until the situation has been resolved.

All websites linked from business sites must also adhere to this policy. If any website is found to be in violation of this policy, the business link and listing will be removed.

Businesses are required to be in good standing with the appropriate regulatory agency and/or business association that governs that business.

It is the responsibility of the business to provide up-to-date contact information and a description of the business to the Travel & Tourism Department. If a business fails to provide this information by established deadline dates, it may not be listed on the Travel and Tourism website, visitor’s guide and other promotional materials.

The visitor information center staff will not recommend particular businesses/agencies, but will provide materials and guidance to visitors without bias.


Currituck County tourism-related businesses will be promoted through the county visitor information centers if they meet the established county guidelines.

Brochures or other printed materials may be placed in the county’s visitor information centers only after approval by the Director of Travel & Tourism or her designee. The requesting agency must send one example of the brochure to: Currituck County Department of Travel & Tourism, P.O. Box 39, Currituck, NC 27929, or hand deliver it to a visitor information center. Once approval is given, it is the responsibility of the requesting agency to print and deliver materials to the centers. The Travel & Tourism Department reserves the right to refuse brochures and materials that are deemed inappropriate or are not considered related to tourism.

  • All materials distributed through the visitor information centers will be provided free of charge to visitors. The sale of materials at the centers is prohibited with the exception of Currituck branded merchandise sold by the Currituck County Tourism Department and admission tickets to events and attractions sponsored or owned by Currituck County Government. Additionally, no retail sales catalogs will be accepted for distribution at the centers.
  • Brochures/materials accepted for display and distribution include the following:
    • Accommodations – hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, inns, rental homes, rental cottages, and campgrounds
    • Attractions
    • Activities and recreation
    • Restaurants
    • Special events and festivals
    • Nearby historical and cultural attractions
    • Visitor guides provided by the Currituck County Department of Travel & Tourism
    • Chamber Guides provided by the Currituck County Chamber of Commerce
    • Regional and area maps
    • Free newspapers that focus primarily on tourism and local attractions, events, etc.
    • Travel guides that promote local and regional attractions, activities and tourism-related businesses
    • State of North Carolina travel publications
    • Any other materials determined to be acceptable by the Tourism Director

For visual displays (e.g.: display cases), individual businesses may be grouped in a collective industry display (such as farm markets, shopping, vineyards). The Tourism Department is responsible for the design and set-up of display areas, which will be made available to businesses on a rotating basis.

The Director of Travel & Tourism (or designee) reserves the right to refuse a business for promotion, brochure distribution or use of visual display that:

  • does not meet this policy,
  • or is not considered related to tourism.

A business denied promotion, brochure distribution or use of visual display may submit a written appeal to the Currituck County Tourism Advisory Board. Appeals shall be mailed to: Post Office Box 39, Currituck NC 27929. For questions, call (252) 435-2938.

Adopted: August 9, 2010, Tourism Advisory Board
August 16, 2010 Tourism Development Authority
Revised: April 9, 2012, Tourism Advisory Board