Winter At The Beach

January 5, 2010

Last February my boyfriend and I took a long weekend to stay in the Outer Banks.  It was cold and rainy the Friday we drove out.  The drive turned out to be very pleasant though.  We decided to take the back roads there.  We drove past many beautiful horse farms.  We took our time and there was no traffic.

We ended up staying at a hotel in Nag’s Head because they were offering a good deal that time of year.  Later we went to Kelly’s Tavern on the main drag for dinner and dancing.  The next day turned out to be cold but sunny.  We headed out looking for some place to eat breakfast.  A very quaint local place that is open year round on the beach road was where we ended up and did we have fun.  I can’t remember the name of it, but there weren’t a lot of restaurants open on the beach road and that is why we ended up there.  But am I glad we did.  Not only was the food homemade and good, but the group of regulars that hung out at the restaurant plus the people that worked there were kind of eccentric and very amusing & interesting to gab with.

After we left the restaurant we hit some outlets and purchased some great deals on clothes and household items.  I wanted to see the horses of course, since I’m crazy about horses, so we headed on down to Corolla.  At the time I didn’t know about the wild horse tours that were available at places like outerbankstours.com.  I wish I had because I found out once we got there that you had to have an off road vehicle to go on the beach to see the horses and did not have one.  So next time I will be prepared.  I was very disappointed but on the way back up to Nag’s Head we stopped at various places on the water and had a very nice time being outside and watching various wildlife and water fowl.  I know we ended up at the Flying Dutchman for another meal which was great.  Good homemade comfort food at reasonable prices.

On the way back to Virginia Beach we took the back roads home and we stopped at a horse farm so I could feed some apples to some horses because I really had to have a horse experience or die before we got home.  Of course we talked to the owners first and got their permission.  My boyfriend even got to brush out someone’s horse for them.  The horse’s name was Cisco and he was an outerbanks horse that this person rescued.  It also turned out that I knew the owner.  Her daughter and my daughter took dance at the same place a few years ago.  It’s a small world huh?

I am really thinking of planning another long weekend trip this winter to the outerbanks.  This time I know to plan better to get the most out of my trip.  I would definitely go online to visitcurrituck.com.
One stop shopping so to speak.  Get the best rates on hotels, best restaurants to go to and find out all the activities you can still do in the winter there. I wish I was there now.