Top Five Vacation Packing Trips

May 25, 2012
Whether you plan to fly into the area and rent a car for your Outer Banks vacation, or intend to drive all the way, you’ll need to make room for everybody’s luggage. You could be staying for a weekend or longer, but you want to make certain you have everything you need to enjoy your stay. If you’re the type to forget things along the way, or if you stuff your bags with things that don’t get used, you might consider economizing as you pack. Here are a few tips to help you decide what you bring to the OBX and what stays behind.

1) Use a travel pill container for any medications you need to take. You can find the strips that parse out pills in individual cups (MTWTFSS) at any drugstore. This way you keep all the bottles at home and your toiletries kits won’t bulge.

2) Bring a travel alarm. If your phone has an alarm feature, make use of it. Not all hotels may have clock radios to wake you up in the morning. Also, if you’re coming in from another time zone, make sure you set watches and clocks accordingly.

3) Check the weather before you choose your clothes. If you’re traveling to a different climate, make sure what you pack reflects where you’re going, and not where you live. If you have clothes that work for multiple occasions – slacks, tops, shoes – bring them along and conserve space in your bag.

4) Leave the valuables at home. It’s upsetting to lose something precious like a ring or an expensive watch, especially if you’re on a trip and have no idea where it went. A cheaper, everyday watch will do for daily use.

5) Even if you aren’t flying, leave the shampoo and liquid bottles in the plastic bag. In the event one should leak, your clothes may be protected. Also,  pack sunscreen and bug spray. These are highly recommended for the Currituck area if you intend to enjoy the beaches and visit our nature trails.

Leave a bit of space, too, for any souvenirs to take home. We offer many choices in gourmet nuts and wine and crafts by local artisans.