The Wild Mustangs of Currituck – a Treasure to Preserve

July 13, 2009
Visitors to the Currituck area of the Outer Banks will marvel at the sight of horses roaming freely along the beach, down dusty town roads, and even near the many vacation rentals lined along the shore. Currituck County is proud to have these majestic, legendary creatures live among us, and it’s our hope to preserve the numbers of the herd for generations to come. To maintain the safety of the wild horses, and of our guests and residents, new ordinances are in place to help ensure safe vacations all around.

If you’re on the Currituck Outer Banks and see one of the famed wild mustangs, county officials want you to keep your distance…Visitors are urged not to feed the horses because the food could have devastating effects on their health, including causing death.

Please read the entire article from the Daily Advance on the new guidelines for horse watching and interaction. Enjoy the Mustangs from a distance and do your part to keep them healthy and around for a long time.