The Last Hurrah – Planning Your Off-Season OBX Vacation

July 30, 2012
The best thing about planning a vacation in the Outer Banks is that there is never a bad time to come. Especially in the northern parts – Currituck County, Corolla, and the Currituck Sound – there is always so much to see and enjoy. The weather is nice for much of the year, the horses certainly don’t leave after tourist season, and you can visit the area vineyards and year-round restaurants to sample local delights. Many people who visit the Currituck Outer Banks regularly like to come in the off-season, too, and savor the solitude and beach views.

Some things you’ll want to consider when mulling over an off-peak season trip to Corolla and Currituck:

1) Vacation rentals are typically cheaper. A beach home that may rent for $3000 in July could go under $1000 a week in the fall and winter! You get the same amazing house and amenities, the same proximity to the beach, for a third of the cost! Bring family and friends over to split the rent, and the price of your vacation just got cheaper.

2) The Outer Banks doesn’t completely shut down after Labor Day. It’s true that a number of businesses keep hours during the summer season, but not everybody shutters up when the bulk of the tourists go home. You can consult our guide to the area to see which restaurants will feed you and which shops are still open so you can stock up on holiday gifts.

3) You can still get your exercise. Area golf courses are open year round, and if you enjoy fishing you can charter a boat and savor the salt air while you nab the day’s catch. Of course, there’s no better exercise than walking, and you could spend a full day exploring Corolla alone!

Sure, we’re coming up on August and you may think it’s too late to plan a trip. It’s NEVER that way here. Pick a month, any month, and we’ll keep the waves rolling for you.