Spring Press Tour

May 26, 2009
Every spring, we invite travel writers from all over the country to come experience Currituck County.  This year    we had 7 writers sign up to participate in the press tour.  We had one writer come all the way from Seattle, Washington and others made their way from Boston, Atlanta, New York, Orlando, Canada and Miami.  The weather was unfortunately rainy and cool, but we made the best of it.  The first day started with a climb to the top of the Currituck Lighthouse, followed by a tour of the Historic Whalehead Club.  We ate lunch at Bad Bean Burrito in TimBuck II and then took a wild horse tour.  We were lucky enough to see 9 horses total, one of which was pregnant and about to pop.  The next day, we started with a tour of Sanctuary Vineyards and some light wine tasting and ended with a Segway tour around Heritage Park and the Historic Corolla Village.  It seemed that everyone enjoyed themselves and hopefully we will get some good articles written about the area.  We look forward to the next press tour and being able to show more people everything that Currituck County has to offer.