Sip Back & Relax

August 6, 2015

Nothing pairs with the salty scent of the ocean better than the earthy bouquet of a locally produced glass of wine. Whether you prefer the sharp tang of a dry red or the crisp twist of a sweet white, there is a local flavor for you. Transform your Currituck vacation into a connoisseur’s getaway by sampling the unique, local vineyards of Currituck and Corolla.

There are two noteworthy vineyards in Currituck. Sanctuary Vineyards is located in Jarvisburg and Martin Vineyard & Orchard is situated on Knotts Island. Both are just a short drive or ferry ride from your beach rental or hotel.
Sanctuary Vineyards is owned and operated by the Wright family, descendents of the famous Wright Brothers. Since that first flight, seven generations of Wrights have toiled in the sand and soil to produce the beloved muscadine, Sangiovese, Cabernet, Syrah, Tempranillo, Viognier and Norton grapes.
The vineyard is near the sea, blessing the winery with stunning views of the ocean as well as 100 acres of farmland. Local tastings are frequent and free, and numerous events are hosted year-round. Some of Sanctuary’s most popular wines include the Wild Pony White (dry, fruity) and the Norton (strong, berry). A true treasure of Currituck, visitors always leave the Sanctuary Vineyard on “Cloud Wine.”

Martin Vineyard & Orchard is also family-owned and operated, located on Knotts Island. Due to its advantageous proximity to the Knotts Island Bay, the produce grown here is unique. The sandy Carolina soil and fresh bay breeze combine to foster the perfect “micro-environment,” resulting in fresh, healthy fruits with a crisp finish.
Some of the more popular wines to try from Martin Vineyard & Orchard include the Grand Ole Osprey (red) and the Snowgeese (peach). Visitors to Martin Vineyard are drawn to the orchard, where fresh fruit is ripe for the picking. Depending upon the time of year, guests may pick apples, peaches, pumpkins or grapes, all grown on the farmland and nurtured by the sea breezes.
Ultimately, visiting a winery in Currituck is guaranteed to be an excellent experience. With free tastings, scenic picnic areas and the occasional live music festival, Currituck vineyards go the whole “wine yards.”