Pick up the essentials for summer in the Outer Banks

July 7, 2009
Have you booked a vacation rental in the beautiful Outer Banks this summer? Wonderful! We’re looking forward to your visit and hope your vacation to our serene shores makes for many delightful memories. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you can afford a beach getaway, there are several options for lodging in the area, priced to suit your budget. Bring the family, bring friends, and if you happen to forget something when you pack, don’t worry about it! We have you covered.

Everybody certainly has a specific checklist when preparing for a trip to the shore. If you are renting one of our cozy beach homes, you will want to consider bringing along sheets and toiletries, plenty of sunscreen, and items for beach play. If you’re missing anything, be sure to stop by any of these local shops:

Beach Bag Books and Music (1109 Ocean Trail,  Corolla) – The best little bookstore in the Outer Banks has all the current bestsellers and hot beach reading. Pick up a few paperbacks to enjoy as you lounge in the sand.

Birthday Suits (807 Ocean Trail,   Corolla) – Ever gone on a trip to the beach and forgot to pack your swimsuit! Never fear, the best shop on the North Carolina coast for bikinis, swim trunks, and suits of all sizes is right here. Try one on for size and head for the beach!

Corolla Candles (794 B Suset Blvd.,   Corolla) – Need some candlelight for a romantic evening on the deck of your vacation home? Corolla Candles provides the mood lighting you want, with top brands of beeswax and soy candles. Scented, unscented, tapers and even homemade seashell candles are available to light up your night.

Corolla Wine, Cigar, and Gourmet (794 M Sunset Blvd.,  Corolla) – Craving something sweet or salty for your beach picnic basket? Corolla Wine, Cigar, and Gourmet offers a wide selection of delicious groceries – wine and cheese, crackers and olives, chocolate and more.

Whatever you need to make your Outer Banks vacation the best, we have. If you forget anything when you come, don’t forget to do a little shopping with us.