Fun for Kids in the Currituck Outer Banks

January 15, 2009

Sure, beach lovers know that the Outer Banks is the place to be for playing in the sand and surf, but did you know the Currituck OBX in the northern part of the coast offers many fun activities for kids and family? Planning a trip to the North Carolina coast, whether during the summer or in the off-season, has never been simpler with the many activities for kids to enjoy! Here are just a few suggestions for your next trip:

SEAL for Kids Program (Safety Education and Aquatic Safety)

Children ages 7-14 can learn about the ocean, first aid, and physical fitness from the Corolla Ocean Rescue personnel. Adults are invited to attend the parent/guardian seminar offered at the same time. This two hour program is FREE and offered every Wednesday in Currituck County.


Grab some chicken, string, and a net and head to Currituck Heritage Park. Simply tie some chicken to the string, toss it in the Sound and wait for the crabs to bite! Crabbing is a fun and economical activity for kids of any age. You can also check with a local bait and tackle shop for fishing information.

Paddle Boats

Kids will love seeing turtles and other wildlife while on a paddle boat in the Currituck Sound. Paddle boating is a great way for the family to enjoy time on the water together. Some boats can hold up to 6 people.

Go-Kart Racing

Corolla Raceway features a large go-kart track. For the younger ones in your group try the bumper cars. The raceway is located in Timbuck II Center.

Wildlife Education Center

There are several programs offered at the center for children, including; decoy carving, animal olympics, nature photography, story telling, and much more.

Treasure Hunt & Ghost Tour

The Treasure Hunt, offered at the Whalehead Club in Heritage Park, teaches history, art, environmental awareness, and navigation. Each child receives a prize. The Ghost Tour, also at the Whalehead Club encompasses the legend and lore of the Outer Banks.

Skate Park

This new outdoor facility located in the Corolla Light Town Center is equip with dual bowls, quarter pipes, grind pipes, and jumps. Rental equipment is available.


There are two playgrounds in the Currituck Outer Banks. One is located in the center of the Timbuck II Shopping Center, the second at the southern entrance of the Corolla Light Town Center.

Corolla Wild Horse Museum

Visit the Old Corolla Schoolhouse, located in the Historic Corolla Village, and learn about the Wild Horses of Corolla. Children can explore the Wild Horse exhibits, interactive displays, and learn about local history. On Tuesdays from 11:00 a.m.—1:00 p.m. special kids programs are offered.

After a morning at the beach, why not explore the rest of the Currituck Outer Banks? Get back to nature, or hang on for a wild ride in a place that has more than you ever imagined.

D. Embrey works for the Currituck County Department of Travel and Tourism, promoting the Currituck Outer Banks as the perfect vacation destination for families, couples, and travel groups. Explore what Currituck County has to offer – miles of gorgeous beach, wild mustangs, and great outdoor activities like fishing and golf.