Friday Five: Top Spots for Top Dogs

April 6, 2012

No doubt those of you with pets often go through the hassle of arranging for boarding every time you plan a lengthy vacation. For many, though, a dog is more than pet – he is part of the family, and while it may take extra care to include your dog in your vacation you’ll find you all can enjoy your trip. The Currituck Outer Banks are one of the more dog-friendly destinations along the East Coast, and if your pup loves to frolic on the beach there’s no better place to come than here! We love our four-footed visitors as much as their two-footed friends, and we’re happy to help you find all the dog-friendly spots on the mainland and along the shore.

So pack up your pooch and check out some of these top spots for Spot, or Rover or Rex or Duke or…well, you get the idea.

Greater Coastal Canine Academy – This training center located in Jarvisburg offers more than disciplinary classes for area dogs. You’ll also find a store with one of the largest selections of holistic dog treats in the Outer Banks. The “doggie bar” offers a variety of goodies, and you can also book a photo shoot on the beach to create memories of your time with your pet in Currituck.

Corolla Kennel Club – If your pet needs a quick grooming after a day in the sand and surf, the Kennel Club is a great place to pamper your pup. You can also shop for last-minute pet supplies if needed.

Currituck County Rural CenterDid you know Currituck has its own agility course for dogs? For a fee you can have your dog enjoy the facility with private instruction. It’s great exercise for your four-footed pal.

Vacation RentalsIf lodging is your main concern while planning a vacation, you’ll be happy to know there are quite a few pet-friendly vacation homes for rent in Currituck. When you work with a home owner or agent, be sure to specify that you’re bringing your dog and stay updated on any restrictions and rules to follow.

The Beach! Depending on where you are in the Outer Banks, your dog can enjoy the beach with your family. Pay attention to leash laws, however, and know which areas are okay for your dog and which are restricted. Because we also have wild horses in the area, you want to make sure your dog doesn’t run off to confront them.

When you enjoy a family vacation, include the entire family. Bring along your canine companion and create memories to last a lifetime.