Friday Five: Top Picnic Ideas for the Outer Banks

June 1, 2012
The good thing about vacationing in Corolla and the Currituck Outer Banks is that the weather is gorgeous throughout the summer. Whether you have plans for the beach or to check out a wild horse tour, you’re certain to come back hungry. The area boasts a good number of restaurants serving everything from pizza to premium seafood, but you may want to take a day and enjoy lunch al fresco. It isn’t difficult to do if you know where to picnic and what to bring.

Planning a large reunion or a cozy lunch for two under the sun? Here are a few ideas to pack.

1) Shop local for good things to eat. Here in Currituck, you’ll find farmers markets offering fresh produce and local shops where you can buy wine and cheese and gourmet sandwiches. Catch the seasons right and you’ll enjoy fresh strawberries, blueberries, peaches and apples.

2) Reserve a shelter for a large party. If you’re bringing the extended family to the coast this year, see if you can reserve a shelter at any of the area parks (the Whalehead Club also has a shelter). Many have grills, so you feed the crowd hot dogs and hamburgers if you wish. Fees or deposits may be applicable, so check in advance.

3) Bring something to play with. Whether on the beach or at the park, if you have an expanse of space bring along a football or Frisbee to toss to the kids. Don’t have a ball? Try any of our local beach shops for the right gear.

4) Don’t forget sunscreen! This is important no matter where you go in Corolla and Currituck. Even on days where the breeze is particularly cool, the sun still shines. Don’t risk getting a nasty burn.

5) Mind the rules. In order to enjoy your picnic, and to make sure others do, be mindful of the rules and regulations in our public parks. The Currituck County site has a list you can consult anytime.

When you’re ready to get your picnic on, you’ll find everything you need here. Enjoy!