Friday Five: Top Indoor Activities in the OBX

March 30, 2012

Here in Currituck, people think we’re all about the beach. Well, we won’t deny it, but when we tell people the Currituck OBX that this place is “more than you imagined,” we’re not kidding! We love the beach, the lighthouse, the wild horses and trails, and in the event we’re not able to access any or all of them on a gray, drizzly day it doesn’t mean we stop looking for fun.

If it rains, or if you just want to get out of the sun for a bit, you can find many indoor alternatives to enjoy during your Outer Banks vacation. Here are five to include in your Plan B:

1) The movies! If the weather proves too frightful for the beach, or you’re looking for some diverse nighttime entertainment, Currituck has a movie theater in town showing first-run hits. If you’d prefer to curl up in your vacation rental and have access to a DVD player, the local Harris Teeter has a Redbox rental booth from which you can select a few recent must-see films.

2) Shopping! All along the shore and further inland, Outer Banks retailers offer everything from books to apparel, antiques to gourmet food and wine. If you find you’re caught in a brief summer shower you can hop into The Cotton Gin and browse a spell, or see what’s happening at the stores of Corolla Light Town Center.

3) Spa Day! Come on, you came to the Outer Banks to relax, right? This is your vacation, so why not indulge yourself with a relaxing massage or mani/pedi? Men, too – we all want to look our best. Eden Day Spa Salon and Bang’s Salon and Spa are just two suggestions for enhancing your stay.

4) Eat! Of course, you may tend to put the diet on hold when you travel, and we’re not suggesting you spend every minute away from the beach pigging out, but if you’ve worked up an appetite and outdoor recreation options are limited, take your time at dinner. Enjoy a delicious meal and linger over conversation with your friends and family. When you share that dessert, remember that you’re cutting calories!

5) Play at “Home”! If you booked one of the many spacious vacation homes for the week, you can create your own fun while you wait for the sun to come back. Bring along a board game or two for your stay, or check out area hobby/game shops for something fun.

Whatever you do in Currituck, indoors or out, have a great time!