Five Great Reasons to Visit Currituck All Year

February 7, 2013
You may be thinking you need to wait until late Spring or even Summer to visit Currituck, but you would be wrong. Currituck County, North Carolina is a year-round destination for families, adventure seekers and people who just need enjoy the beach life. Still need convincing? We’ll give you five great reasons to plant your beach umbrella in Currituck right now.

1. The sand. The beaches Currituck County are legendary. Soft, warm, foot friendly. You’ll appreciate this unique texture as you’re trying to float some kites in the air, practice a little early morning yoga or just digging your toes in while you catch up on some reading. No need to travel any further south than NC.

2. The surf. While it’s true you won’t find much bigger than ankle slapping waves most of the summer, the off season provides the best opportunity for uncrowded and exciting water sessions. Surfers and skimmers alike adore the mild weather and tolerable water temps.

3. The prices. Nothing parties like a rental and housing prices are beyond reasonable in the off-season. Bring your extended family in for a long weekend and enjoy unfettered access to otherwise popular activities. A hot tub feels just as good in March as it does in August, if not better.

4. The wildlife. Currituck County is a nature lover’s dream. Bring your camera and your laptop and plan on spending the weekend marveling at birds, wild horses and various sea critters that the surf tosses ashore for your viewing pleasure.

5. The jaw-dropping beauty. Currituck County is a true gem, full of interesting facets just waiting to be explored. In the off season, you’re mingling with locals and lovers of the same things you’re digging. You’ll leave feeling changed for the better.

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