Currituck OBX Spotlight: Sound Feet Shoes

September 24, 2012
Shoes? Who needs them at the beach, you’re probably thinking. The whole point of a beach vacation is to go without them as long as possible, right? Whether you’re running along the shore or enjoying a nice swim in a pool adjacent to your beach vacation cottage, you’re more concerned about wiggling your toes in the water and watching out for nipping sand crabs. Eventually, though, you’ll need to put on a pair if you intend to go out for dinner or shopping. If you find your trusty sneakers look a bit frayed, or your high-top basketball shoes won’t work at a fancy dinner, head over to Sound Feet’s Powells Point location for the top names in footwear.

Sound Feet has been in the business of shoes for over fifty years, and it’s enjoyed a home in the Outer Banks since 1987. Sound Feet sells a good variety of shoes for men, women, and kids – athletic shoes and boots, clogs, and even proper deck shoes for boating. Just some of the brands you’ll find in stock include:

    • Birkenstock


    • Brooks


    • Chaco


    • Crocs


    • Dansko


    • Ecco


    • TOMS


    • Vans


…and much more.

If you’ve forgotten your good beach sandals, or want a nice all-weather clog for a day hike on the Kuralt Trail, try Sound Feet in Barco. They have you, and your feet, covered.

Sound Feet Shoes
111 Fox Knoll Drive
Powells Point, NC 27966