Corolla, the Ultimate Staycation

October 22, 2012
Part of the charm of an Outer Banks vacation definitely comes courtesy of the vacation homes available for rent in Corolla and surrounding areas. We enjoy meeting people who’ve come from all over the state, the East Coast, and beyond to spend a week on our shores. Often we ask people what they plan to do while they’re here. Lately, we’re hearing the same thing:

“It’s our vacation, we’re going to rest!”

Ah. So they’ll head off to the beach, or maybe go for a ride on a 4×4 to see some horses?

“Maybe, but we’re really looking forward to staying at a nice beach house.”

It’s a good thing we have enough of them to accommodate you. As much as we love living here, there’s something about a stay in one of those glorious Outer Banks vacation homes that makes us wish we could take a week off ourselves and play tourist. They have everything you need to relax – lots of space, gourmet kitchens, comfortable living rooms with entertainment centers, and some with pools and spas. We shouldn’t be surprised to hear how people want to relax on the deck and watch the sunset every night for a week. It’s your vacation – do what you want!

This got us thinking, too, that Corolla is the ultimate in “staycations.” True, you do have to get here and get into your rental, but once you’re settled you have all that time to yourself. You and the family can send out for pizza, or lay out on the deck for some sun, and watch the waves. There’s no need to adhere to schedules in the Outer Banks. The ocean isn’t going anywhere, despite what some of those end-of-the-world, John Cusack outrunning a tornado movies want to tell you. Make the memories you want to keep. We’ll have your keys ready.

Kathryn Lively