Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the Outer Banks

May 4, 2009
Just as everybody becomes “Irish for a day” on March 17, so we tip our hats south of the border every May 5 to help Mexico celebrate its independence. Usually a Cinco de Mayo fest consists of a hearty Mexican-style meal and maybe a margarita or two – hold the tequila if you’re driving.

In the Outer Banks, Cinco de Mayo is no less festive than it is anywhere else, and if you’re in the area and looking for a place to toast the holiday, try Bad Bean Taqueria. They serve it up spicy! Fresh fish and shrimp tacos will leave your mouth watering. Just go easy on their signature “shocker” sauce.

Afterward, enjoy a sunset walk along the shores of Currituck. You just might spot a wild mustang celebrating its own independence with a romp in the surf!